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Ar Redadeg

This week, a nine-day race known as Ar Redadeg is being run across Brittany. In truth, it’s not so much a race as a physical and geographic celebration and fundraiser for Breton language: as the runners make their way around different parts of Brittany, they hand off their batons in relay, symbolizing the passing on of the Breton language from one generation to the next. 680 more words


Language Revitalization Survey Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent language revitalization interest survey – and congratulations to the following survey respondents who each won an Amazon gift card! 112 more words

Doyon Foundation News

What Does Historical Trauma Look Like? The Native American Youth Suicide Rate

Historical trauma sounds like an academic term. It does not hit you in the gut. Not like teen suicide does.

But teen suicide is one of the real world ways that historical trauma shows up in Native American communities. 701 more words


Lance (X̱’unei) A Twitchell, Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Languages Speaks at UAF!

Lance (X̱’unei) A Twitchell, M.F.A., Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Languages, will be in Fairbanks to give a talk on language revitalization efforts from a Tlingit perspective. 101 more words

Language Revitalization

Language Revitalization Digest

This weekly Language Revitalization Digest mailing is an effort to connect Alaskans who are invested in Native language revitalization. A digest will be mailed  every other week and include relevant news articles, stories from around Alaska (they are requesting your assistance with this), and anything else meaningful and inspiring. 32 more words

Five years ago today / Pemp bleiz zo

Five years ago today, I completed my six-month Breton language immersion program at Stumdi, in Plañvour, Brittany. Although I’d had some Breton under my belt when the program began, I felt I had very limited skill in the language–especially when I tried to speak it or understand it in conversation. 441 more words


Language revitalisation from the ground up in Mexico (by Dr. Josep Cru)

Josep Cru holds a BA in Linguistics from the University of Barcelona and an MA in Language, Literacy and Culture from the University of California at Berkeley. 1,293 more words