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Strategic Plan Guides Foundation Language Revitalization Program

Less than 100 years ago, the ancestral languages of the Doyon region flourished and were the first languages spoken by everyone from children to elders. Today, tragically, all nine of the Athabascan languages of the Doyon region are considered severely to critically endangered. 174 more words

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Dispensa’ yu’ na kulan åpmam ti mångge’ yu’ guini! Gi må’pos na tiempon Fall, humålom yu’ gi nuebo na prugråmman Ph.D. yan kulan esta måtmos yu’ gi che’cho’-hu, lao un nuebo na semester på’go yan esta hu hula maisa yu’ na ti bai hu måtmos. 730 more words

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$5,000 Grants Available for Language Revitalization Projects

The 10 ancestral languages of the Doyon region are all severely to critically endangered, and will be lost within the span of a few generations if no action is taken. 272 more words

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They will speak their language again and forever

This week we are looking at Mi’gmaq, a First Nations Language spoken in Eastern Canada.

More specifically, we are looking at efforts to revitalize the language, and a very promising and encouraging trend among minority and endangered languages : linguists and academics working with and among the community rather than deciding what is best for them. 1,592 more words


The Shinnecock tribe of Long Island is trying to raise its language from the dead

Alina Simone and I put together this episode.


0:20: “We live on Long Island, which is very removed from what people think of as Native America.” Tina Tarrant and her daughter Tohanash (pictured above). 266 more words

REMINDER: Doyon Foundation Language Grant deadline - February 12, 2016

Please be reminded that the Doyon Foundation Language Grant deadline is February 12, 2016.

Our Language Revitalization Program will award six language revitalization grants up to $5,000 each. 34 more words

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