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AAAL2015 Wrap Up

Nerd alert: I LOVED my first AAAL experience. The talks, the people, the vibe: all of it was enlightening and exciting. And of course, exhausting. I’ve hunkered down in my hotel room, armed with room service and Netflix, trying to rest up before tackling TESOL in the morning, but I did want to capture my experience before passing out! 1,035 more words

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Sk̲wx̱wú7mesh snichim Revitalization--Do-It-Yourself

Ethnologue lists Sk̲wx̱wú7mesh snichim (Squamish or Skwomesh in English) as nearly extinct, but a bottom-up movement led by activist Khelsilem has led to an experiment in immersion DIY style. 160 more words

Language Planning

Capturing a Language on Film

Chloë Ellingson is a documentarian and photographer. Her work has appeared in Newspapers, for events, and she recently discussed a project on Radio Q… 1,467 more words


Dear Diary, A Wrinkle in Time

On the eve of my twenty-ninth birthday I want to share a story with you about learning language. I swear that this is connected (my coworker teases me, saying that I can make a connection between anything and this is true)– and you’ll see why. 339 more words


From Two Languages Comes One

Michif is a language traditionally spoken by the Métis of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, across Canada, and even in North Dakota. The language has been the subject of intense discussions in linguistics because of its unique creation. 1,817 more words


International Mother Language Day - February 21

by  Ruslana Westerlund

Did you know that nearly 40% of the world’s population lack access to education in their own language according to this report from UNESCO… 557 more words

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The Momentum Builds...

We are almost a week away from Hå’anen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’ and the responses have been amazing so far. So many people have been expressing their desire to join and to make the best of this day. 331 more words

Fino' Chamoru