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Beginning Gwich'in - UAF College Course

Fairbanks residents interested in learning to speak the Gwich’in language, here is a great opportunity at UAF. The class is in-person immersion based, Monday-Friday from 4-5pm. 150 more words

Language Champion: Irene Solomon Arnold

A conversation with Irene Solomon Arnold and Allan Hayton

This language champion profile features an interview with Irene Solomon Arnold (IA) and Doyon Foundation’s Language Revitalization Program… 1,666 more words

Language Nest Brings Children, Parents, Teachers Together to Learn Gwich’in

Supported by Doyon Foundation, Diiginjik K’yaa Ch’at’oh (“Our Language Nest”) is an immersion program that teaches children to become fluent speakers of Gwich’in while helping preserve one of the world’s most threatened Indigenous languages. 802 more words

Learning Opportunities

Gathering Builds Momentum for Deg Xinag & Holikachuk Language Learning

“Xisrigidisddhinh … so grateful. I absolutely loved spending time with Elders and learners speaking Deg Xinag. It was invaluable to me.” –LaVerne Demientieff, PhD, Doyon Foundation Board Member…

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Doyon Foundation News

August Native Word of the Month

See below for our August Native word of the month in Gwich’in!

Zhehk’aa – Family
Shizhehk’aa naii gwiintł’oo goovihtsai’. – I cherish my family very much.

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Learning Opportunities


The Alaska Native Heritage Center is looking for instructors to teach language for their Hight School and other language classes.

Teachers – responsibilities will include attending accelerated language learning workshops and immersion strategies gathering, attending workshops and training on fluency assessments, taking lead in developing multigenerational lesson plans, activities, and materials for immersion-based classes, and teaching language classes and two-day immersion day camps. 204 more words


July Native Word of the Month

See below for our July Native word of the month in Gwich’in!

Vits’ihnyaa = I help (him or her)
Shitsuu łuk tr’it’ii haa vits’ihnyaa geenjit shats’a’ shoo nilii.

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