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Language Profiles: Breton (Brezhoneg)

When we think of Celtic languages, we imagine the lush green hills of Ireland, the windswept coasts (and absurdly long place names) of Wales, or perhaps the rugged landscapes of Scotland. 557 more words

Are you in or out? Indigenous and minority languages shaping the linguistic landscape (by April Passi)

After the chaos of a summer filled with travelling, working, family visits and July 1st “déménagement”, I was grateful to barbecue with good friends in my new backyard. 691 more words

Editorial: Jeffrey Liebman and the Quebec Human Rights Commission

Jeffrey Liebman, a hearing-impaired film-goer, filed a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission after he was denied access to a personal closed-captioning device. Cineplex Odeon said it couldn’t allow him to use the service in English because it was not also available in French for the movie he wanted to see. 423 more words


Prodding Hydro Quebec to Tweet in English pays off

After a few years of continuous urging, Hydro Quebec has finally decided to respect its English-speaking customers by Tweeting in English.

Previously, the public utility would only Tweet in English when they deemed the message to be an emergency and even then they required reminders or requests to do so. 466 more words


SAAQ motorist-bicycle safety site only in French

A new Quebec government website advises motorists what measures they should take to safely share the road with cyclists. 377 more words

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QCGN says language minorities require separate rights support program

Equality rights are of real importance to Canadian society, but language rights are fundamentally different and the two streams within the Court Challenges Program should be independent of each other, the Quebec Community Groups Network told the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights studying the government’s pledge to reinstate the program. 160 more words


Is wah yuh sayin'?

“Yu wahn i hot up?” asked the woman behind the till when I returned my cold dhal and roti to the counter at Giftland Mall. I paused for a second, deciphering, then agreed. 573 more words