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BrELT Webinar 10/09/15: Language Testing - Theories & Practices

Após o merecido descanso no feriado, é hora de refletir sobre avaliação de línguas. Apesar de estarmos sempre avaliando alunos, ainda são raras as oportunidades que nós professores temos de conversar e aprender sobre o assunto.  155 more words

"I honestly can't understand what's so bad about taking a language test!"

“I honestly can’t understand what’s so bad about taking a language test!”

This remark, uttered in genuine exasperation, was delivered by a member of the governing board ( 1,140 more words


Language Variation (Language in everyday use).

Hall, Smith and Wicaksono (2011) explain that we all speak a different version of English and that these versions further differ in different ways depending on the situation and the person we are speaking with. 565 more words

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German Language Testing Update- I passed!

Things in my life apparently tend to happen all at once- Saturday I graduated from Rice University, Sunday I moved out of college, and this morning I found out I passed the State Department’s German phone test for language bonus points! 202 more words

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Sociolinguistic Noticing: On Being a Sociolinguist among Normal People (by Dr. Alison Crump)

Sociolinguistic noticing is something I do pretty much all the time. It is something that I encouraged my recent cohort of grad students to do as well. 1,149 more words

BEX/FSI Phone Language Testing

At the crack of dawn Houston time (aka 6:45 AM…) I called the testing center at FSI to start my phone German language test. Since the non-disclosure agreement also applies to language testing, I won’t go into what I was specifically tested on. 363 more words

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Test your students' English and set some goals

To help learners achieve their goals, it’s useful to first find out where they are right now to help them plan for where they want to get to. 75 more words