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In the summer of 1981, I rocked up at a language school in Besancon in France. From every bar and café, Imagination were singing about “Body Talk,” The Police were preaching that  “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” Olivia Newton-John was telling me to get “Physical” and I fell hopelessly in love with a French girl called Christelle. 311 more words

Not getting compliments? Take it as a compliment!

When do you know you are fluent in a language?

¨You know you are actually good at speaking another language when you stop getting compliments¨

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Gnats dance

I am up before the sun.
Hell, before the day even thought of getting up and letting the moon go!
Before 5 am, my eyes opened and I could not banish the mindless chatter in the dark recesses of my room or drown it in the imagined gurgle of a fountain… So I got up. 328 more words


Verbal gerbil grammar drama

The verbal gerbils escope just now,

They brokened their cage with BLAM and KAPOW!

Soon they’ll overrunnify the whole town,

Crushilate the signs deemed to make them frown. 188 more words

Peopley Story

What’s your English dialect? Got words?

Today, I’m sharing with you three simple, short and even fun tests to test your dialect and your vocabulary in English.

Which English? (5 min) 294 more words


Rape- An Accepted Evil

Rape rape everywhere, not a life to live!!!

How strange is it that a woman who gives lives to others is now pleading for her own life. 581 more words