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Vera and Doris

Further to Igor Stravinsky (“Gran visits York”), here’s Alan Bennett again (Writing home, p.30):

During the run of Beyond the fringe in New York, Dudley Moore and I took refuge from a storm in the Hotel Pierre, where we were spotted by an assistant manager.

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Sing like you are meditating among the words pouring rhyme. Alphabets when stick together, they gain power. Love underlines the speaking words, so that they don’t fall unknown. 329 more words


So, what's your story?

Our stories make us. We draw upon and imbibe from stories around us or that which we are exposed to. Some of us actively expose ourselves to stories – those of us who know the value of will. 172 more words


Cajuns and Southern Nationalism

We should encourage Cajuns to seek their own sovereignty apart form Dixians. They already have their own ethnic identity, perhaps even stronger than ours, but we need to encourage them to secede from both US and from the future Kingdom/Republic/Confederation of Dixie. 686 more words


Stars in my Pocket (1)

New Moon tomorrow, according to EarthSky, and now’s the time to keep watch for Alpha-Boo (Is it a rapper? No, it’s a.k.a Arcturus), the spring star, Guardian of the Bear. 84 more words

Orient Express

Part iv of the Jesus Army Saga— Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

On bicycles: Charlie in hurrying to cure a brother due a rib
crowned with a piebald cow (he got intuitions) 294 more words


A Long Useless List of Useless Words

If you are having a conversation in English, it is fun to use words that are not so commonly used. Seriously, I speak from personal experience. 1,012 more words