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Use a precise language for precise results

Language is a challenging issue.

People have different relations to it and different abilities.

From which it results that, we more often than not, not quite understand each other the way each person talking is hoping to get understood. 657 more words

Shoot Post

Our Facts Are The Facts

Post-factual world or not. And our truth is the truth, too. That’s how everybody else in the world out there – like us – sees it, right? 115 more words


Standing outside of society

‘Yep, I’m working here as a volunteer for a month. Forty hours a week. And that makes me realise again how true it is that I can’t participate in society anymore, and why I’m considered unfit for work. 820 more words

Mind Tricks

Chapter Eighteen: The Lovely Bones Analysis

As with the last chapters- more over-analysed quotes from Sebold’s The Lovely Bones…

~The Analysis (18)~

  • “The old woman that rented the closet liked to listen in, so Ruth tried not to talk much on the phone” 248- Idea that Ruth is trapped in the place she is supposed to feel most safe- her home in the town.
  • 1,183 more words

“Learn a language,” they said. “It’ll be fun, they said.” – Debunking the myth that there are ‘fun’ ways to learn a language

When I first started learning German, naturally I did all kinds of Google searches on hints, tips and tricks to learning a language faster. There must be some kind of magic formula, I assumed, and if I could just unveil it, fluency would be mine! 1,067 more words


English: A Measure of One’s Status And Intellect in Pakistan

By Sania Jamshed

How often have you come across someone being made fun of for not being fluent in English? Probably your whole life. Maybe you even joined in on the making fun part sometimes because you find it amusing when people have trouble expressing themselves in a language that isn’t even their own. 423 more words