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South Korean Language Policy: Inferiority Complex towards Japan

Korean language currently is officially spoken in two countries, South and North Korea, but its generally known that the two different standards used in each country are continuously diverged, among other reasons, because of the language policies of “purification” in the North and the influx of English words in the South. 662 more words


Que bandeira

“Faz um ano, faz, que eu tenho muita paz
Quase um ano tem, e tudo muito bem
E se eu não voltar, não vá se preocupar… 348 more words


My Smartphone Makes Me Smarter

The spellchecker of my mobile phone has this wonderful ability of self-learning: whenever I use a word often when texting, emailing or writing little notes for myself, it adds it to its glossary and starts suggesting it after I have typed just the few couple of letters. 63 more words


Big Thanks!

As I approach 1000 views on my Youtube channel, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to those subscribers and casual viewers who have tuned in to see my videos since April.   68 more words


Yesterday post followed by todays feelings

Some things are gone. Some things are in our past. We can’t come back to them. Like i can’t go back to the day of the yesterday and write this post. 223 more words