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Scottish to English - A lesson in language...

This is the Scottish to English glossary, so that it’s not too difficult to read Conan’s story.  If you’ve never read an Irvine Welsh novel, starting out would be difficult without reference.   219 more words



We have been learning about Possums! We made our own possums! We first painted paper grey.We cut round a template of the head and then added the  bodies, legs, arms and a tail ourselves.We cut them all out .


When did "bakana" become "kunit"?

When did bakana become kunit?

When did ifteet become mensef?

What makes my Arabic wrong and yours right?

Is it not true that my language has been preserved? 32 more words


Every now and then I find a foreign word which doesn’t have an English equivalent. It shows very clearly how our understanding about things is based largely on language. 157 more words


“I am.” is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.


Black Out


Allison just moved to a big city for a new job. She is still adjusting to its hustle and bustle. She isn’t specifically used to the daily… 379 more words