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The Fed should hold pat

Who is Pat and why is she/he being held?  This malaphor was found on the NY Times website:

“While the Fed may be loath to show a pull back from its proposed rates, a move upwards followed by a downward revision a year from now if we move toward recession would be worse. 135 more words


A Letter on Texts.

The mysteries of the text message conversation never cease to perplex and confuse me. Why, when two people can carry on an intellectual, funny or otherwise extremely engaging conversation can they take on an entirely different dynamic when chatting over text message. 1,301 more words


The Same, but Different

One of the most fascinating things about traveling in a foreign country is the language, the sudden emergence of a completely different script on every common object and structure everywhere around you. 124 more words


The Evolution of our Tongues

As an aspiring writer, English graduate, and book lover, words, their history, and the way we use them to form the foundations of our lives has always interested me.  1,025 more words

Thoughts On Life

Language control sends a dangerous message

Traffic control-centre brought up to speed, Gazette, September 2, 2015

Letter to the editor, Montreal Gazette

While Transport Quebec is investing $11 million in upgrading technology to ensure safety on the highways, one million English-speaking Quebecers and many more visitors should be very concerned that absolutely no attention is being given to inform highway users of safety concerns in their own language. 121 more words


Far From Over

Those who follow the news have likely seen a number of events lately involving trans issues that seem to have gone in the favor of trans rights. 1,176 more words


What is digitalk?

Digitalk n. how to sound like an idiot.

Yes, that’s right, look up the definition of ‘netspeak’ (which means the same thing) in Urban Dictionary. 93 more words