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6 Maltese Phrases for your next trip to Malta

Maltese is a pretty tough language to learn, we’ll grant you that. There are tons of grammar rules to remember, the pronunciation can be somewhat hard to muster, and don’t get us started about the silent letters! 398 more words


Every day I’m chasing after that feeling…

Do you know what it feels like?

Let me tell you.

It’s like opening your eyes each morning, but instead of lying in bed under a dusty blanket with your head on a worn-down pillow, you’re strapped into a seat surrounded by a control panel. 503 more words


WordPLAY: Do your kids play with trucks, dolls AND words?

According to Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research” but does this just refer to water play or pretend play?
No! WordPLAY, the ability to understand, use and play with language, more specifically vocabulary, will have a significant impact on your child’s success in school and in life. 734 more words


Talking Turkey

Lest I beat a dead turkey, I cannot let this Thanksgiving holiday pass without my inventory of gratitude. Because that list would unfurl like a roll of toilet paper, I’ll confine my obligation to five things I’m thankful for in dear little Luxembourg… 450 more words

Christian The Lion!

Today Mrs Thieme read us one of her favourite books, the true story of “Christian the Lion”. We loved it. She showed us some real pictures in her adult book of Christian the Lion. 41 more words


A Not-So-Straightforward Math Puzzle

The following is a puzzle from Rational Amusements from Winter Evenings (1821) by John Jackson:

If from six ye take nine, and from nine ye take ten… 113 more words


Before the Moon I/II

Tonight I lifted my head
from the pillow and spoke
clear word to the upright dawn.

And returning
to the pillow, soft,
a whimpered, whispering, song