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I.T. as street vendors

Yesterday while talking with a colleague, I was trying to get a cross the idea the most ‘programmers’ don’t understand what goes on inside a computer. 238 more words

IT Issues


For as long as i can remember, I avoid going for Yoruba service in church. Growing up, i didn’t have much of a choice till i was older, as the family used to go to church together. 513 more words

Your Turn

Different class

Often it’s the smallest things that catch us off guard, stirring up old memories and reminding us of our former selves. A childhood friend from Manchester – let’s call her Brenda – telephones one evening to arrange a visit. 546 more words


Brave New World / Meanwhile...

Recent statistic…

There are now more mobile phones on the planet than there are people.

The World Wide Web continues to grow at staggering rates, with millions of websites, hundreds of thousands of categories, in most of the world´s languages, serving at least half of humanity. 690 more words


The Damage Manxiety Does

There’s a new word you may have seen recently, appearing in publications from Metro to Men’s Health.  “Manxiety”.  It’s one of a series of compound words which have appeared over the last few years, all containing “man” or “guy”.  763 more words

NI politics, and why language matters

I kicked off a bit of a firestorm on Twitter the other day – it so happened in opposition to an MLA who is also a personal friend – on the SDLP’s use of the term “the north” in response to the UK Chancellor’s Autumn statement. 1,021 more words


What Children Hear

This charming cartoon reminded me (Cathy) of an incident I had as a young child.  My family was staying at a cottage of friends’ located on the shores of James Bay.   181 more words