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Thirty Days

In my room I have a whiteboard where I jot down notes or ideas when I’m working. At the moment the whiteboard has been consumed with my crappily drawn hiragana characters. 177 more words


Why What We Say Affects Equal Play

Firstly, hello again. A few weeks off writing my blog turned into a few months… and before I knew it, I’d taken a full blown sabbatical. 824 more words


Eldraeic Words of the Day: Talisqor, Aelvaqor, and Alathqor

talisqor: (from talis “truth” + qori case tag: standard): the perspective of truth; objectivity, science, and mathematics; reality-as-it-is; existence; history; positive claims.

aelvaqor: (from aelva “beauty” +  186 more words


A Curious Java Language Feature and How it Produced a Subtle Bug

Java’s visibility rules are tricky at times. Do you know what this will print?

package p;

import static p.A.x;

class A {
    static String x = "A.x";

class B {
    String x = "B.x";

class C {
    String x = "C.x";

    class D extends B {
        void m() {

public class X {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new C().new D().m();
… 484 more words

Jamaican Patois (Pronounced: Pat-wa)

Perhaps you heard Jamaicans talking and you just absolutely fell in love with the language. You probably didn’t understand a word they were saying, but the accent made it seem interesting. 745 more words