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"TDS Dwarvish" a free new font to make writing in dwarvish runes easier.

Writing in Khuzdul, while not transcribing it in Latin characters but using the proper runes can be a big challenge, especially given the fact that most runic fonts seem to have the character mappings wrong.   848 more words


German Of The Day: Du Darfst

That means you may, or you are allowed to.

You know, as in New Zealand allowing Kim Dotcom to be extradited to US-Amerika itself for racketeering charges? 94 more words


Actually, Mandarin was not the mother tongue for mainland Chinese...

If you ask Chinese who are over 25, what is your mother tongue, those Chinese from the mainland might pop up with the word ‘mandarin’; whereas, I bet the majority of them just like me whose mother tongue is actually the dialects rather than Mandarin. 424 more words


The Poet I Can Stand: Gerard Manley Hopkins

I’ve always struggled with poetry. As an English student I felt some sort of guilt at my total lack of desire to curl up of a winter’s evening with a bit of Wordsworth, or bathe in the summer sun reading Tennyson aloud. 955 more words

Lit Crit

Multilingual teaching does more than just improve learning

The most widely read GEM Report publications is our paper last year on language policy in education. Why? Because there are about 6,500 languages spoken in the world today, and, as we showed in that study, a staggering 40% of the global population are learning in a language they don’t understand. 1,036 more words


Easing the Pain by Changing the Words

George Carlin, one of the great philosophers of our time, had an insightful piece on words. He discussed how, during World War I, troops who’d been in intense continuous combat, to the breaking point of their humanity, suffered from shell shock. 435 more words

Mind Wanderings

The Etymology of a Book

We think of books as being filled with words and ideas, but they themselves are also a word and an odd one that. So how did the English word “book” come to be? 285 more words


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