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Dichotomies of the Rational and the Linguistic

Osiatynski: I’ve read several times that we think in language but “feel” in nonlinguistic ways.

Chomsky: I know that it’s false of me, at least if “language” refers (in my case) to English, and I assume that it’s false of everyone else. 146 more words


Protopia [Noun.]

A possible future state of affairs achieved by progress, as opposed to the impossible utopian ideal world in which everything and everyone constantly works in perfect harmony.



English is important. And some people don’t know how to speak this language. So, if you want to learn this language. Here you can learn it: 10 more words

Delfin Carbonell

Guesstimate [Noun.]

An estimate that is hardly any better than a guess, often because it is based on insufficient or unreliable data.


Donald Trump: "Latinos Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz Should Be Disqualified From Running For President"

GREENVILLE, South Carolina (The Adobo Chronicles) – Donald Trump, who, for the longest time had questioned Barack Obama’s qualification to be president of the United States over the latter’s citizenship status, has found the perfect opening to protest the candidacies of his leading rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. 139 more words


Language Tag

I was tagged in a Language Tag by Lizy (Jumping Jacqueline). She has a very interesting language background, you should check out her post! 481 more words


The Rabbit: It's a Pun-derful Life

This article was originally published in the 2011-2012 academic year.

It’s that part of the year again when Valentine’s Day is upon us and everyone starts getting all mushy about everything, so I think it’s time I wrote an article about my one true love in life – puns (or paronomasia, if you want to sound all clever). 862 more words