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lay down a marker

lay down a marker

(1980’s | militarese? bureaucratese? | “draw a line (in the sand),” “make a statement,” “establish a position,” “set a standard”)

William Safire, in his comprehensive way, listed a number of meanings of “marker” in a 1990… 530 more words


His eyes

It’s been a long day at hospital.

My back is aching and I am so tired. I go to bed but cannot sleep. When I turn out the light and lie down all I can see is his eyes. 537 more words


Bah, Humbug

Began sewing a timed pair of shorts that will be available in my store. It takes twenty to twenty-five minutes to get to the point I’m currently at. 55 more words


A little writing about writing

I threw down the gauntlet to my mentor, Katie Day last night. She who taught me all I know about being a teacher librarian in the weeks and months that I sat by her side while doing my MIS and part of my M.Ed before I was thrust into the world of a library of my own. 513 more words


General Discussion Post Responses

Thank you, Rachel. I look forward to discussing your ideas and experiences further.


Hans Blumenberg on Narcissus

Blumenberg explores the story of narcissism in several places in his works, including a short piece in Quellen, Ströme, Eisberge (Suhrkamp, 2012). Here’s a translated selection. 385 more words


Our Words


While the mendacious moan

their pious exclamations

to smother any dissent,

a metaphor translates thought,

holds out the broken leaves

as an offering from the gods, 44 more words