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John Walker (1732-1807) did for pronunciation what Dr Johnson had done for vocabulary. He published the ‘idea’ for his pronouncing dictionary as early as 1774, along with an unusual advertisement asking ‘a few men of reflexion’ to communicate to him ‘whatever may have occurred to them.’ The book finally appeared in 1791 with the resounding title: 1,736 more words

Review - Expression 1st

Date : 30.08.2016 (1st)

  1. be동사 + -ing ~하고 있다.
  2. 현재형 동사 do ~ 하다.
  3. have been + -ing ~해오고 있다.
  4. have p.p. ~해 본 적이 있다.
  5. 48 more words

The Sports Carnival!

Today we wrote about the Sports carnival!

I won the sack race. and I won the egg and spoon race.I like the long jump and my mummy came. 698 more words


Practice - Writing 2nd (The Little Prince)

Date : 30.08.2016 (2nd)

그래서 나는 6년전 사하라 사막에서 비행기로 사고를 당하기까지 진짜로 이야기를 할 수 있는 사람 없이 홀로 인생을 살았다. 무엇인가가 내 엔진에서 고장이 났다. 772 more words


The Gardens of the Shadow of Death

How did you celebrate this year’s Independence Day?

Together with my best friend Jake, we chose to visit two historical places that have one huge similarity: they house the dead. 1,277 more words


Practice - Writing 1st (The Little Prince)

Date : 29.08.2016

내가 6살이었을 때 한번, 원시림에 대한 “자연으로부터 진짜 이야기”라는 책에서 훌륭한 그림을 한장 보았다. 그것은 동물을 삼키려는 보아뱀의 그림이었다. 여기에 그림의 사본이 있다. 512 more words


What’s in a name?

CCS Disability Action Speech-Language therapist asks whether the term ‘Special Needs’ has had its day. 533 more words