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I spoke too soon. What I said last week is still true; I am not freaking out over holidays, birthdays, or photographs. But I am very confused and don’t know why. 899 more words

Healing From Ritual Abuse

Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 505

A language which is not a first or primary language may prove challenging to learn. But it can be mastered where the desire to learn, know, and understand exists. 11 more words



Carved in stone, the language shrieked

Infinite depths, reflections of the trees

Genius, kindness, the granite carefully spoke

Ominous, hiatus, the black stone coped

Illusion of nature, the cars drive by… 28 more words


Why is learning a foreign language so important?🗯

With an immense variety of subjects to choose from, at GCSE level to university degrees, why should students choose to study a new language? In the UK, the number of pupils deciding to learn a new language is decreasing more and more each year. 561 more words


Time to Vote Them off the Island

I confess…I’ve been watching the TV reality show “Survivor” from the get-go. There have been some shameful returning contestants and questionable editing, but one thing remains solid: getting voted off the island (though it’s not always an island, and, OK, sometimes they’ve jury-rigged the rules to bring someone back). 611 more words

Politics And Culture

Give Your Children a Foundation of Language and Literature

I have recently realized how important it is for children to have a strong foundation of language and literature in order to be successful in life for themselves and more importantly to be well educated, productive members of society. 599 more words



I never could spell correctly,
So I write it phonetically
At least the way it sounds to me
On the off chance you come to read… 13 more words