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Language Training

About two months ago we were sent off station to Timil Waghi, a nearby Bible College, to learn the basics of Tok Pisin. Tok Pisin (literally ‘language Pidgin’) shares many characteristics with English, but it is a much smaller language. 228 more words

A Peruvian Table

Day 86: Wednesday

Good morning Zak,

It’s become clear to me that my flatmate is in a pyramid scheme.  I heard her talking about it the other day.  449 more words

Daily Blog

From where did booze, goodbye and cocktail originate?

What could have been possible if there were no words. Probably nothing! Etymology, the study of origin of words, is interesting, atleast to me. English words are based on religion and I am sure so are the words in other languages. 538 more words

"I paddled as lonely as a cloud"

or “He paddled as solitary as a…”

Man as immersed into and part of nature or rather an intruder? A good question for anyone contemplating this picture I have just taken. 54 more words


The Giving Tree!

Yesterday Mrs Thieme read us the beautiful book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Siverstein. Mrs Thieme says this is her favourite book, but she says that about all her books!!! 226 more words


The eighteen-month-long millennium: when Britain and Europe weren't meant to look like this

I wrote the second part of this text almost a year ago, in July 2016, at a loose end in central London after the March for Europe, and didn’t post it until a documentary about Geri Halliwell in the 1990s – which ended with her becoming a UN Population Fund goodwill ambassador – … 2,471 more words


BOOK LAUNCH: Randomness Inside My Head

Randomness Inside My Head is my first book, a collection of twelve short stories written in English. You can find the book profile here:

https://store.tempo.co/buku/detail/BK201610070001/randomness-inside-my-head#.WNt8CFV97IU… 60 more words