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deny it as often as you like

Having denied that the Health and Social Care Act 2012 created a risk of privatisation of the NHS; having denied that the contracting of private providers to replace public provision is privatisation; the latest argument of the privatisation supporters runs something like this: 1,258 more words


Missed it? If only that was all he'd done...

Many eyebrows were raised this week when (naturally un-named) “senior Tory officials” told The Times (£) that the latest NHS reforms were a “huge strategic error” that George Osborne “kicks himself” for not stopping. 918 more words


The conflict in Syria and the roles of international organisations

Britain, the EU and the G8 countries – some of the most economically influential countries in the world – are all currently considering whether and how to get involved in the conflict in Syria. 343 more words

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Drop Lansley, then Drop the Bill - Feb 2012

This piece was written in February 2012 when I was UCLU Labour President, as part of the monthly political society Presidents column series for now-defunct UCLU Student newspaper Pi. 831 more words


It's time to blame the old folk for our NHS misery

I’ve been out of newspapers since March 22 so I missed a major revolution in our NHS which was meant to happen on April 1. 830 more words

Tories lie (again) to attack the NHS while Labour battles to save it

I’ve written a couple of articles on what is known as ‘Statutory Instrument 2013 no. 257’ (SI257) over the last few days. The first highlights how the Tories are using a little-known Parliamentary procedure to try to slip through regulations which will completely change the nature of our NHS, fragmenting it into a series of competitive markets where the winners get to wear the ‘NHS’ badge, rather than a true, public… 1,668 more words