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South Padre Island - Lantern Fest

Last night, I was able to cross “Lantern Festival” off my bucket list. Lantern Fest was held at the South Padre Island Convention Center across the beach. 569 more words

The Lights Festival: Florence AZ


Overall I had a lot of fun at the festival! Although.. at some points it was not. But that’s a give or take with me in any situation and can change pretty quickly… 342 more words


「啊啦,啊啦,啊啦!」翡冷翠的燈籠節(Festa della Rificolona)<上>

芸芸華夏傳統節日中,我最喜歡中秋節,可惜意大利沒有中秋節,儘管當晚月亮一樣的圓,但就是欠缺節慶的氣氛和人情味。意想不到的是,翡冷翠(Firenze卻有一個名叫燈籠節(Festa della Rificolona的傳統民間節日,為每年的九月七日,跟中秋時分不遠呢!

燈籠節的由來是跟天主教節慶和當地農民的風俗文化有關。九月八日是聖母誕生慶日(Festa della Natività di Maria),不單是居住在城鎮中的佛羅倫斯人,遠居於山間鄉野(Vallombrosa和 Impruneta一帶)的農民亦特意來到翡冷翠的聖母領報教堂Basilica della Santissima Annunziata參加慶典。這些農民在節慶前一天便出發,有的甚至在天還沒亮的時候上路;他們長途跋涉來到城鎮時,幾近黃昏,或是夕陽已經落幕。在沒有日光的時候,他們得挑著燈籠趕路,直至來到 21 more words


Day 23 in the low-carb house

So, we are over three weeks in to the ketosis-attempt-but-now-low-carb diet, and we have hit a slump. It is not so enjoyable.

This weekend we went up to Birmingham to visit the… 1,012 more words


Lantern Festival

Hello my fellow bloggers!

I am so so sorry that its been so long since I posted my last blog! I got so caught up in life events that I have not had the chance to sit down and breathe! 357 more words


Seoul Lantern Festival 11.12.16

Here’s a photographic walk through of my experience at the festival.

FYI:  Camera battery died after the 3rd picture, so I had to use my iPhone camera for the rest.   98 more words

Life In Korea