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Wetland Wonders (Lantern Festival)

Continuously changing lights made this display interesting and well suited to video, capturing it as a single image was a challenge. I posted a similar image taken during daylight as “Frog and Dragon (Unlit)”. 42 more words


Peacock Vase (Lantern Festival)

The lantern is made from medicine bottles denoting the importance and prominence of traditional Chinese  medicine based on plants and other natural substances. The bottles are filled with different colored liquids to achive the colors seen here. 36 more words


Year of the Sheep(Lantern Festival)

Among the largest Lantern Festivals outside of Asia the display at the Missouri Botanical Garden is worth the effort it may require to see it. 22 more words


Abstract | fireworks finale

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Fireworks just at the end of launching several thousand lanterns. 14 more words


Giant Penjing(Lantern Festival)

This display contained many moving elements and color changes that we miss by photographing it as a single frame. The dark area to the left in the image contains white storks that light up and are missing from this view. 22 more words


Joyous Greeting (Lantern Festival)

Image captured while attending photographer night at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Louis, Missouri, May 23-August 23, 2015. It is the only night that you can take a tripod or monopod into the gardens in the evening when the displays are lit. 22 more words