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A Light in the dark

So, I am starting a little handmade candle company. I’ve decided to make some little affirmation cards to go with each candle based on their themes. 280 more words


The 20 Most Photogenic Festivals In The World

(Source: www.amexessentials.com)

The 20 Most Instagrammable Events Of 2017


Pingxi Lantern Festival, Pingxi (Taiwan) – Lantern festivals are growing in popularity around the world, but when it comes to sending blazing balloons off into the sky, Pingxi is the place to go. 87 more words

Money Matters

Physalis heterophylla

Clammy Ground Cherry – All parts of this plant are poisonous save the small fruit which develops inside the calyx, the green lantern like covering.

Lantern by Steve Klepetar

Who is this wandering the streets
on a night with no moon?

I thought I caught his face in the light
of a lamp burning… 81 more words


Camping Lantern Adventures

There are many people out there, probably including yourself, who love the outdoors. This could include fishing, climbing, hiking, you name it and there are lots of people loving it. 23 more words

Magical Lantern Festival Birmingham

Way back at the end of November I visited the Magical Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. It exceeded my expectations which were set pretty high! 7 more words

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