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Making due with what you have

I always have a batch of premixed rice tapioca flour. Gave this batch to my friend. That way, we can make noodles at her lace when we crave it. 135 more words


New Year Dinner with friends

A wonderful dinner to start off the new year.

Khao piek Senh -Lao chicken noodlesoup. Noodles made from scratch

Starting off with handmade rice tapioca noodles… 24 more words


Last nights NYE dinner pictures

About last night. Just sharing pics from my camera

How about those ribs??

and cheddar biscuits


Best new years eve dinner

And no dinner is complete without great company. 20 more words


mobile...testing testing

testing out the mobile app. Heading to an intimate dinner with close friends. Made these eggrolls to fry for tonight. Now, i keep a stash of frozen eggrolls for my lazy cooking nights


laotian christmas feast

Instead of turkey or goose for christmas, we had a laotian-style bbq-feast.

We had grilled pork belly, fish and beef with salad, herbs, kimchi and other veggies.

It was very delicious! 😋


Food adventures in Laos… because they always are an adventure!

Getting a ‘good’ (in the taste of the consumer of course) coffee is quite an adventure.  Whilst in Vientiane I regularly went on missions to get myself a ‘café Lao’ – now you would think that whilst in Lao, do as the Laotians do – well every time I asked for one it seemed they would look at me in confusion, usually say no, and no, we don’t know where you can get one.  747 more words

Expat Life

Laap: an Intro

Most foodies who have any remote interest in SE Asian cuisine may have stumbled across something called larb  laap at various Thai restaurants. Oftentimes touted as a Northern Thai-Isan dish, laap actually originates from the neighboring country of Laos. 838 more words