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Cuttin' it up

Diaspora is a word to originally describe the Jews dispersed from Israel, forced to live outside it’s borders. Capital D Diaspora still refers to that. It has transcended its original context though, and can now be used for any movement that displaces people from their ancestral homeland. 332 more words

Lao Food

Nhua what I mean?

More is generally known to Canadians about Thai cuisine than of Lao. People fucking love Thai food. Many Lao immigrants to Canada have found themselves cooking Thai food, many of them owning Thai restaurants. 364 more words

Lao Food

Move on up

It is the tendency of North Americans to lump all non-French, non-Japanese foreign cuisines into the umbrella term “ethnic.” This doesn’t help anyone’s cause. As a blanket term it devalues the cooking of most of the world as lacking the historical backbone and complexity of the “refined traditions” of the world. 457 more words

Lao Food

Send noods

“You know, this is exactly one of those things that Sheldon was talking about,” Chris tells me as he flattens a plaque of noodle dough out on his work station. 79 more words

Lao Food

so fresh, so clean clean

If you’re not sweating and sore from mincing, pounding, stuffing, grinding or generally doing things the hardest way they can be done, then you’re not making Lao food…

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Lao Food

What is haus?

To continue this penetrating etymology of the restaurant with the best fried chicken, we move to exhibit B: from Laos to Haus.  That word is German, ja? 395 more words

Lao Food