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Food adventures in Laos… because they always are an adventure!

Getting a ‘good’ (in the taste of the consumer of course) coffee is quite an adventure.  Whilst in Vientiane I regularly went on missions to get myself a ‘café Lao’ – now you would think that whilst in Lao, do as the Laotians do – well every time I asked for one it seemed they would look at me in confusion, usually say no, and no, we don’t know where you can get one.  747 more words

Expat Life

Laap: an Intro

Most foodies who have any remote interest in SE Asian cuisine may have stumbled across something called larb  laap at various Thai restaurants. Oftentimes touted as a Northern Thai-Isan dish, laap actually originates from the neighboring country of Laos. 838 more words


A #T1D Diabetic in Laos for a year

Diabetes is damned hard work and a persistent pain.  It can be hard enough moving to a new country, new language, new ways of understanding the world, and new food options, without the blood sugar levels (BSLs) going completely  and utterly crazy! 392 more words

Expat Life

Mihn Mihn - review

I said I’d give a review of the most accessible Lao restaurant for Eastern Suburbs – Minh Minh in Victoria St, Richmond.  Sandy is an incredible host and certainly is a great representative of her home region – Paske, in Laos.   316 more words

Lao Food Collection

Looking online for a local restaurant serving Lao food to invite friends and family to before I go.  Most establishments seem to offer combinations of Vietnamese-Thai-Lao-Burma.   451 more words

Gooseberry Jaew Lao/British style

Is it heresy? I just made gooseberry jaew and it was good! We picked a couple of handfuls of gooseberries today. What to do with so few? 206 more words


Thai/Lao smash hit

Noi Lucky, 4/1-3 St Johns Avenue, Springvale. Phone: 9546 9774

Such is the sprawling spread of Melbourne that a journey from the west to Springvale seems like a substantial road trip. 925 more words