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What possesses people to willingly open a restaurant is beyond normal comprehension. The amount of money spent to give one of these unaerodynamic giants lift for even a minute far outweighs what they pay out in years. 1,628 more words

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[Top 5] Instagram From the roots to...

It seems that Lao people abroad don’t forget about their roots. Through culture, but especially food, these IG accounts will make you salivate.

1. Taste Lao… 170 more words


Fermentation pt. 2

It’s been established in the last two posts that water bath canning preserved food by creating an isolated environment, protected from oxygen, hostile to bacterial growth. 1,155 more words

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Fermentation Pt. 1

Our kingdom of human kind is founded on unseen universes. Past the blanket of clouds, the mighty cosmos was once believed to be populated by supernatural beings that’s justice and jealousy spurred the movements of everything here on earth. 750 more words

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We got da herb

Every place has got its staple flavors. Often times, white chefs might not know how to make a dish in a way that legitimately resembles someone else’s cuisine, but they know what herbs and spices to use so they’ll often try their hand at it and mark their menu with the word “authentic.” A dish loaded with smokey chilies, cilantro, lime, oregano, and cumin will inevitably call to mind Mexico; scallions, thyme, and allspice together make a dish Jamaican; turmeric anywhere, in anything – BOOM – Indian. 883 more words

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Jeow house rock

The Lao condiment game goes hard. At every table set to eat you can find at least one jeow (pronounced like you’re trying to say ‘jail’ with gum in your mouth). 513 more words

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Full Transparency 2: This Time It's YOU

A cookbook of this sort is a complicated project and there’s lots of room to get it wrong. It’s got to be honest, useful, and interesting; the authors need to consider that it’s through their work that people are glimpsing stills of a moving phenomenon, that people are reading about and seeing food, not tasting, smelling or feeling it. 621 more words

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