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Love doesn't hurt

Love doesn’t destroy

It’s people who employ

And manifest silly games

Meant to hurt

So by choice

Some by thinking things through

On how their actions effect you… 140 more words


These systems will burn

We work as we’re told

We do as we’re told

We obey

We comply

But what for

We as used and abused

Like we’re commodities… 225 more words


A waking change

In the shadows of each day

We can shine in everyway

We can bring about a change

By waking up our brains

And opening our eyes… 36 more words


Let it all go

The life we lead is full of stress

And no matter what you do it won’t address

The root of the problem because your too attached… 76 more words


Broken people

I see broken people

And I feel their pain

I see desolate beings

And it hurts knowing how they’re feeling

Their pain resonates with me… 93 more words


Tao Te Ching 38

The Master doesn’t try to be powerful;
thus he is truly powerful.
The ordinary man keeps reaching for power
thus he never has enough.

The Master does nothing, 127 more words


She makes me blush

I would blush at the slightest smile from you

you make me feel unworthy of you

you have the  presence and grace of a being supreme… 93 more words