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Nebula lagoon

Sitting on the edge of a nebula lagoon

Fishing for stars among the moons,

Watching the meteors as they go flying by

far distant the sun’s shining out pinprick light. 108 more words


Irrelevant us

We are irrelevant

To those who rule,

Those who treat us all as fools

Making laws that are bad news,

Turning up the pressure

Turning the screws, 153 more words


Golden summer sublime

Days of golden summer’s glow

A reprieve from wind, rain and snow,

Where lazing in a park

Resplendent and green,

Having barbeques after dark,

Were much the imagery of warm days… 128 more words


Acidic words

Why do you advocate

A life of hate,

Why do you speak

Such acidic words

That divide,

Why is there cruelty

In all that you do… 87 more words


Read goddammit

Read and set yourself free

Enter realms of mythology

And undeniable fantasy

Where you embrace

Irredeemable properties

And discover philosophies

As well as many unique prophecies… 71 more words


Conscious realms

In a realm of consciousness

We float, we fly, we spiritually exist

And dream of love in everything

And everyone we come across,

We are now found when once we were lost. 58 more words


Kick down doors

Look for truth in everything,

Question all in what your asked to do,

You have right always to choose

Never be somebodies fool,

Because nothing really is as it seems… 210 more words