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I see poetry as a mouthpiece

A mouthpiece of the soul,

To send and spread a message

That needs to be told,

I bare myself and open my heart… 119 more words


Share my path

Walk with me along my path

Share my hopes and dreams

Share the greatest unconditional love

That there has ever been

Just hold my hand and connect with me… 18 more words


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu

The Enlightened

Magical connection 

Two souls locked together

Two bodies entwined,

Feeling and sharing the combined warmth

A connection made in body and mind,

Spiritually bonding via the universe… 53 more words


Go with the flow

Prismic colourations cross my view,

Rainbow lights shining in different hues,

Astral flying as my consciousness grew

And awakened to an age, brand new.

It is all beyond our understanding… 49 more words



Where last week it was sunny,

I sit here now looking out at the rain,

where last week it was 30 degree’s,

today it’s barely even 17 degree’s… 55 more words


Between breath and thought

In a moment between breath and thought

that is where peace and mindfulness resides,

in solitude and silence of the body and the mind

I aspire to dwell longer there and construct a design, 92 more words