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Clear the mind

Have you ever really sought

To empty all your thoughts,

To clear your mind and just review

All the things you thought you knew

And if you did then did you find, 106 more words


No judgement 

I live a life so profound

Going about my business in my town

And I don’t judge anyone

But so many do,

You can see by their glances… 180 more words


What will people say?

The single most important cause of abandoned dreams can be summed up into the phrase, “what will people say?” or the more local “ 506 more words

Food For Thought

Face the truth fool

You run fool

From the truth fool

Because in the end

You are just controlled tool,

By those oppress you

And you never knew

That the answers… 92 more words


Creation made from the source

Correlations between all lives

Are because from creation

We were sourced,

As energy and light beings

Navigating a human course,

Created from the womb of love… 82 more words



Prophecies of life

Written in stone

Engraved on tablets and walls

And carved out of bones,

Written by descendents

Looking for a home

A place that they could settle… 70 more words


Dead man walking

Formaldehyde infusion

To mix with the blood

Synergy in motion

Creates zombie lust,

Mindless and blank

Like the empty page,

In an unwritten book

Devoid of emotion, 16 more words