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Touch it

A touch of compassion can heal the world

A touch of tolerance can bring peace to the world

A touch of humanity can bring sanity to the world… 35 more words


Religious wars

Religious wars

Wasting lives

Causing innocent people to die,

Religious wars

So full of hate

Promising some kind of altered state,

Full of promise and righteousness… 82 more words


Barbed wire love

Their love was one of barbed wire

Tangled up in steel and spikes,

Each move they made tore at their flesh

Excruciating in every step. 195 more words


Being spiritual

being spiritual is not about words but about deeds and actions. It is a state of being a state of love, kindness and compassion for all things that exist. 14 more words


Where do I belong

I ask myself where I fit in in life,

then realised I don’t fit in,

I am not supposed to fit in.

Maybe I am meant to be different… 133 more words



Impeccable in word and deed

Impeccable in beliefs we seed.

Impeccable is how seeds will grow

Impeccable below the soil they grow.

Impeccable is the blooms that flowers… 48 more words