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XXXIX - "to be in possession of the One"

Of old, these came to be in possession of the One:

Heaven in virtue of the One is limpid;

Earth in virtue of the One is settled; 225 more words

Philosophy And Politics

Coming into you

When I come into you

I will fill you with spiritual intent

When I come into you

It will be with unconditional love

When I come into you… 130 more words


Fear as a control tool

Fear is a tool used to control

Fear is instilled in everything you know

Nothing to fear but fear itself

Fear those who give you reason to fear… 161 more words


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Lao Tzu


Awakened and aware

I see light despite dark

Good despite bad

Kindness despite hate

Compassion despite cruelty

Happiness despite the sadness

Peace despite the violence

I hear defiance despite the silence… 44 more words


Reality is not pretty

I see the ruts and creases highlighted by the dirt on the young girls face

I see the helplessness and destitution resonating with tears in her eyes… 180 more words



Rubble surrounds streets

Once a home to many

Destroyed and now standing

Testament to man’s inhumanity to man

An elegy and lament to those

Who lay among the stones… 134 more words