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Doesn't mean a thingĀ 

Just because she let him into her body,

Did not mean she gave him access to her heart and mind,

Just because her body he ravaged was warm, 8 more words



She loved emotions

He played them all,

He made her feel one moment happy,

The next moment he made her feel so small,

He played her emotions, 124 more words


No place like home

A salmon swims to the Sargasso Sea

For that’s a place it knows as home,

It travels many thousands of mile

And not always with the flow… 48 more words


Take a walk

Walk with me,

Take a walk through this universal dream

Walk with me,

See and discover the illusory

And what is truly reality,

Walk with me, 214 more words


Black widow

The black widow weaves an intricate web

And from her silken thread she promises death,

Not to just other insects passing by

But to the male who cries ‘she betrays me, martyred by love’, then dies. 40 more words


Sit with me a while

Sit with me a little while

Chill, laugh and share a smile,

We can share experiences

Connect in conscious thinking

And share some thoughts in love and life, 102 more words


Speak the words of love

What if we said nothing of our love?

How would it grow?

How would it flourish?

Love like a flower requires tending,

It requires support and nourishment, 40 more words