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Be the exception 

Be the exception
Never be the rule,

Be the wisest of them all

Don’t be nobody’s fool,

Be the the one that goes where

Angel’s fear to tread, 29 more words


Take my breath away

I once met a forestal

A guardian of the trees

He said he could not believe

Humanity were cutting down

All they can see

After all how do they think… 72 more words


Brexit day. A requiem for lost unity

We seek isolation as if sole entities in the universe

residing in the splendid isolationism of ignorance and arrogance

not understanding the strength that comes with unity and solidarity… 77 more words


Innocence of youth

She had a beauty that she did not know

that comes from being young,

the body of perfection yet seems so cumbersome,

her longs legs in those heels… 339 more words


The carousel of life

We ride the carousel of life

just going around,

not paying attention to the details

I know it sounds profound

but what is the point of riding it… 105 more words


Everything happens for a reason 

Everything happens for a reason,

Every occurrence sends a ripple,

Through the universe and connects,

With actions that cause those ripples

To come back on to themselves. 95 more words


Happiness in being

Happiness is found in letting go and accepting everything for what it is and just being. It is who and what you are.