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Old fools lament

Do I need to convey this desires

That your presence and being instill within my heart

Whimsically you smile at me

As if you perceive me to be an old fool… 295 more words


Guilty secret

I have a guilty little secret

I habour things discreetly

within my mind so deeply

locked away, kept in a cage

a burning hot fiery rage… 85 more words


Lao-Tzu #46: Whoever knows contentment will be at peace forever.



When the world follows the Tao,

horses run free to fertilize the fields.

When the world does not follow the Tao,

war horses are bred outside the cities. 54 more words


The potential of your life

In a quantum existence

We can sense the difference

Of what it is and means

To truly live

In a universe created

Within our own minds… 149 more words


A love revival

It’s sequel to a revival

Of our love lived in full view,

People on the outside

With their prying eyes

Spreading vicious lies

Seek to damage us… 188 more words


A life imprudent

Forgive me if I seem imprudent

I am not trying to be impudent

And I am not trying to be impertinent,

I am just trying find some contentment… 94 more words