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Constant need

I have an affliction

which is a constant need,

to keep everybody happy

even if it’s at a cost to me.

I have a constant need… 59 more words


Something is wrong with society

When you see someone sleeping on the streets

So cold, so rough, so weak,

How can you not feel a need to weep

And wonder what’s going on with our society… 121 more words


Love under will

Can you feel the love under will

Can you feel within you still

That live that courses through you

A love you can’t deny or repeal… 125 more words


My journey to spirituality

I did not come to spirituality

Like some people do through an epiphany

I came to it through conscious thought and grief

That doesn’t make me less worthy… 183 more words


Love in the blood

What am I what makes me tick?

What makes my life seem worth it?

And I say it’s the love running in my blood,

They say what makes me care so much? 130 more words


Under privileged

Brushed under the mat

Treated differently,

Made to feel like we are less

By this who are in superiority,

Who believe that they are

Better than you or me, 99 more words



I hear people say I never compromise

They say they are tough that way.

I say if I can I am always willing to compromise… 89 more words