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Be brave enough to live

Be brave enough to live

never give up on life

it takes a strong and sturdy heart

to keep the faith and not to cry… 141 more words


Never surrender

Never surrender your beliefs

focus on yourself mindfully

find the core of your tranquility

be the very best that you can be

and let your mind and soul be free… 130 more words


The stream of duality

Flow like a stream

amble and meander

rage like a torrent

be as wild as a rapid

be transparent

dance like tiny waves

and roll in and roll out… 62 more words


My love burns bright

My love touches every aspect of everything,

It comes in to touch just through being

It something and nothing,

It evolves through peace and understanding… 99 more words


Don't underestimate light and dark

Darkness is not so bad, it makes the light bright and the heart elated, from the ebony night daylight is created, that lifts the soul from pole to pole, this is duality known, beyond the realms of light and dark, it beckons the soul and the heart to open up and let the love start flowing through our very being sending any fear fleeing and resonating the wonders of this duality which then allows our consciousness to wander from illusory into reality.


Advice on a health and safety life

I work in health and safety

Though I use my common sense

Understanding life us risky

Which is an understatement

No one can cover all the basis… 51 more words


Frisky is risky

Being frisky

Is risky,

So pass me another whiskey

And don’t let your ardour

Get the better of you,

Contain your amorous feelings

And all your flirty dealings, 93 more words