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Leave it 

The past has gone,

Stop fighting to keep it present,

Let it go,

Focus on new fresh things in the present

Stop looking backwards,

When forward is the only direction to go. 47 more words


In this together

We are in in this life together

and it goes by in the blink of an eye,

So why waste it hating and fighting

This is not worthwhile, 158 more words


Humanitarian love

Love for one,

And love for all,

Let it be unconditional,

Let it loose and let it thrive

Let it come from heart and mind, 45 more words


Acid rain

Acid rain

Pours down again,

The profiteers

Don’t care who feels the pain.

Acid rain

Bares the stains,

Allowing this this to happen

Is totally insane. 15 more words


Thank God it's Friday 

Friday afternoon

My week is done,

And so am I as well.

Limbs ache,

I can hardly keep awake,

I am in a knacked state. 98 more words


Clean air

Is it too much to ask that globally

we make more of an effort to keep our air clean,

pass bill,

pass laws,

not based on greed… 81 more words