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Day 10 Post-op lap band: the scars! 

So, today was the day the wound dressings finally came off. I was expecting some seriously hideous cuts, but I have been pleasantly surprised! I have 3 smaller incisions and one long one (which is for the port) – ironically the long one actually seems to be the neatest and looks like scarring the least. 46 more words

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I Survived The Colonoscopy

Everyone told me the colonoscopy prep is the worst part and they were not kidding!  I had to get a colonoscopy because I’ve had issues in the past which were alarming to my GI since I have a strong family history of colon cancer.  361 more words

1 week Post Op - down another 2.7kg (6 pounds)!

It’s been a rough week – no question about that! However, the good news is I am definitely feeling a lot better, and thanks to the pre-surgery diet as well as the loss this week, I am already a third of the way to my first goal! 345 more words

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35 Days Until Surgery

I’m starting to freak out a little now that the surgery is actually scheduled.  I almost had a panic attack thinking about everything earlier today.  It seems like most people have been preparing for their weight loss surgery for months-years, but I really only have a few weeks.   178 more words

Hello world!

I decided after many years of consideration and a lifetime of struggling with being overweight that I want to get Lap-Band surgery.  I began the process several months ago by going to my first consultation.  86 more words

Day of surgery - after the event

Well, I survived! The day actually moved very quickly, I was at the hospital at 7am, and in theatre by 8.30am. I don’t mind admitting, I shed a tear as I was being wheeled in, I wasn’t expecting to be so emotional. 178 more words

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Day of Surgery - mix of fear and excitement!

Well, it’s 5am on the day of my surgery. I have a taxi booked to come and pick me up at 6.40am to be at the hospital by 7am. 208 more words

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