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bariatric surgery definition- bariatric surgery

 bariatric surgery definition- bariatric surgery

bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) : very at Rick surgery surgery on the stomach (The stomach is a muscular, hollow, dilated part of the gastrointestinal tract that functions as an important organ in the digestive system.) and slash or intestines to help a person with extreme obesity lose weight, very at Rick surgery is an option for people who have a body mass index , BMI above 40 surgery is also an option for people with a body mass index between 35 and 40 who have health problems like type 2 diabetes or heart disease. 419 more words

Weekly Weigh-In

This is the face of a woman who is down another -3.6lbs. Whoot!! Whoot!!

This was a hard week. Because I take a large dosage of iron daily and because my diet is now very high protein, constipation is an issue. 271 more words


Up To Us.

Food For Thought.

Take responsibility and

go make something happen.

Jose G. Osuna



Weekly Weigh-In

I am a few days late with this one. I started back to work yesterday so I took advantage of every last bit of the weekend and spent little to no time with a screen in front of my face. 86 more words


Resetting Goals

This year I set myself a ‘realistic goal’ for weight loss of 78 kilos (171.6 lbs). I weighed myself last week for the first time in months and discovered that I had already reached this goal. 208 more words


Weekly Weigh-In

So, I have to tell you that making the commitment to step on the scale 1x weekly on the same day and about the same time of day each week; no problem.  279 more words


Hello…is this thing on?...

Blogging. Does anyone read blogs anymore? I don’t know. I mean there is VLOGS now for crap sakes!

Regardless, here we are. What’s my blog about? 769 more words