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1 month post op... weight loss has slowed right down

Hi everybody,

Well it’s been a month post surgery and I’ve lost a total of 7.5kg (16 and a half pounds) so far – which includes the pre op diet. 264 more words

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Pre-Op Complete: This Is Really Happening!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and it went really well. I met my surgeon (Dr. Gowen Nirmul) and he was super nice; I got a really good vibe from him and now I feel much more comfortable going into the surgery.  368 more words

2 weeks Post Op!

The weight loss definitely slowed down last week, but still an extra 600g (1 pound) off is not to be sneezed at! There’s no doubt that my appetite is returning, I am feeling hungry especially coming into the evenings. 339 more words

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Day 10 Post-op lap band: the scars! 

So, today was the day the wound dressings finally came off. I was expecting some seriously hideous cuts, but I have been pleasantly surprised! I have 3 smaller incisions and one long one (which is for the port) – ironically the long one actually seems to be the neatest and looks like scarring the least. 46 more words

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I Survived The Colonoscopy

Everyone told me the colonoscopy prep is the worst part and they were not kidding!  I had to get a colonoscopy because I’ve had issues in the past which were alarming to my GI since I have a strong family history of colon cancer.  361 more words

1 week Post Op - down another 2.7kg (6 pounds)!

It’s been a rough week – no question about that! However, the good news is I am definitely feeling a lot better, and thanks to the pre-surgery diet as well as the loss this week, I am already a third of the way to my first goal! 345 more words

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35 Days Until Surgery

I’m starting to freak out a little now that the surgery is actually scheduled.  I almost had a panic attack thinking about everything earlier today.  It seems like most people have been preparing for their weight loss surgery for months-years, but I really only have a few weeks.   178 more words