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Introduction. And in the begining.....

And in the beginning there was an empty page and a head full of thoughts, smoke, ideas, fear, dreams and on, and on, and on. 487 more words


First Proper Adjustment

Just got back from Dr’s after getting first fill of lapband. (The other week I had to have 1ml taken out due to a blockage, so was now 0ml’s in band). 61 more words

Fun & Games - In Detail

It was a relatively easy recovery with very little pain. The only major pain I did experience was the gas buildup in my shoulders which lasted about 5 days. 1,228 more words

The Journey

The Journey

I remember once when I was about 13, my aunt decided to take me shopping with her and 2 of my other cousins. My mom gave me $50 dollars (which is A LOT of money to a 13 year old) and I had my favorite female cousins with me; I just knew it was going to be an amazing day. 1,117 more words


Selfie, anyone?

I hate handing over the photo gallery on my phone to just anyone. And it’s not because there are nudie pics on there or anything like that, because there aren’t. 476 more words

Random Thoughts

#2015 - The Best Year Yet - Part 2

Last we left off, I was signed up and ready to go to the informational seminar/presentation.  I was just going to listen (again), then ponder it some more.   513 more words

#Jp A Look Inside

Well this is me from the inside out =)

damn i even look good on the inside lol

I had this done in prep for my lap band surgery that i am having on the 28 th… 12 more words