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Challenged Not Defeated

I’ve been very open about my struggles with weight and my decision to get a lap band over six years ago. With any type of weight loss surgery, there are risks and you cross your fingers that those complications won’t happen to you. 508 more words


I'm Still Here

It’s been about a month since my last post because…life. I’m still here and still doing well. I had my monthly appointment with my surgeon last Thursday and I am down -11lbs for the month. 294 more words


'Twas the 1st of December...

So I could say that the 1st of December feels like a good/significant day to start a new blog – it’s a 1 month head start on when everyone else will be stepping on the scales on Jan 1st and feeling the annual post-Christmas deprivation diet. 976 more words

Three Little Things: Part 3

I’ve talked about getting out of a rut or a funk or whatever you want to call it over the past couple of months. For me, it was three small steps that made a huge difference. 718 more words


Weighing In

Its been 3wks since my last post!! I’ve had a lot going on with rolling out a new software system at work. I haven’t really had time for extra. 187 more words


The Farrell’s System Simply Works

My name is Brett B. I am 31 years old. I started at North Ankeny Farrell’s several years ago along with my wife Katie. It was the fall session of 2012 when I started the 10-week program. 1,226 more words


Weight Loss Surgery

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery aims at helping you lose weight in a healthier way. Weight loss surgery changes the internal hormonal environment in a favorable way so that the body stores less fat and utilizes more. 735 more words