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A systematic "saddle point near a pole" asymptotic method with application to the gauss hypergeometric function

Studies in Applied Mathematics 127 (2011)(1), pp. 24-37

In recent works [1] and [2], we have proposed more systematic versions of the Laplace’s and saddle point methods for asymptotic expansions of integrals.

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José Luis López

A simplification of the Laplace method for double integrals. Aplication to the second Appell function.

Electron. Trans. Numer. Anal. 30 (2008), 224-­236.

The main difficulties in the Laplace method of asymptotic expansions of double integrals result from a change of variables.

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José Luis López

An Explicit Formula for the Coefficients of the Saddle Point Method

Constr. Approx 33 (2011), no. 2, 145­162.

Most standard textbooks about asymptotic approximations of integrals do not give explicit formulas for the coefficients of the asymptotic methods of Laplace and saddle point.

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José Luis López

The Laplace’s and Steepest Descents Methods Revisited

Journal of Internacional Mathematical Forum 2, 297-314 (2007)

We revise Laplace’s and Steepest Descents methods of asymptotic expansions of integrals. The main difficulties in these methods are originated by a change of variables and an eventual deformation of the integration contour.

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José Luis López