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Let's Get Something Straight

I am not yet a true connoisseur of tea. Twinings, Earl Grey, Tazo, some Ayurvedic Teas from Yogi that promise relief from digestion and insomnia. (They work surprisingly well.) So you might understand the sense of awe and wonder that fell upon me as I sipped my first cup of Russian Caravan. 264 more words


Cold tea

When i drink tea I like it hot, piping hot (the origin of the term ‘piping’ hot, used by Chaucer nearly seven hundred years ago, by the way is from the sound very hot food bubbling on a plate makes – I guess it is literally what you hear in Indian restaurants when you get one of their sizzling dishes!) … We make tea with leaves in a pot, and no matter how carefully i try to judge the amount of water I pour in, there is often tea left over once I’ve poured it into the cups. 243 more words


It's been an age - with added tea review!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted to the blog since Father’s Day…well, two days before actually. But I’ve been very busy. I work a full-time job, have TWO other things I’m also working on. 566 more words

Drink Militia

Scents of Summer - a tea snob’s paradise

Saucy Dressing’s tea guru, Domini Hogg describes the selection of teas on offer at the Intercontinental’s Wellington Lounge, and the careful way they are paired with the flavours and scents of the feast which accompanies them. 14 more words

Lapsang Souchong Sea Trout

*This is another of my recipes from my newspaper column.

The difference between Salmon and sea-trout are small they both look very similar to the untrained eye. 558 more words

Chef Kevin Ashton