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Tea Review: Lapsang Souchong by The Great Canadian Tea Company

I’m one of the people that just really appreciates a good cup of a smoked black tea. These kinds of teas are my usual go-to’s of late. 285 more words

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Grizzly's Adventure blends - Campfire Cookout Tea

Thank you to the team at Grizzly’s for sending me a few tea samples. I will be reviewing each one, once a week! Keep an eye out! 204 more words

Kombucha 4/15

Bottled the lapsang souchong with tart cherry juice which turned out really good. The Smokey character isn’t something that I want all the time so I went back to all Irish breakfast tea for that batch. 69 more words


Kombucha Cycle 4/8


This is the coffee kombucha batch, it’s still way too sweet. The acid/sour character is just starting to appear so I think it will probably need another week or so unless I bump its heat up a bit. 136 more words


Tea Review: Smoky Earl Grey by New Mexico Tea Co.

I’m quite keen on smoked black teas, and also on Earl Grey blends. So to see them together in this Smoky Earl Grey¬†from New Mexico Tea Co. 280 more words

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Tea Review: Lapsang Souchong by Camellia Sinensis

I love a good black tea, and I do have a soft spot for smoked ones. I know they aren’t to everyone’s liking, but for me, they’re a treat to be savoured. 235 more words

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Kombucha Cycle 3/28

I finally picked up another fermenter so I will be trying a coffee kombucha. I’ve seen drastically mixed reviews on this so if it’s bad I probably won’t try it again and will just use that fermenter for herbal teas instead. 135 more words