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HP Revolve 810 G1 Reviews

Among deformation notebook, the most common type is the split screen unit and keyboard unit can separate existence. I thought HP Revolve 810 G1 super pole is split style deformation of the product, until it opened after the discovery of the screen plate unit spin-off can not be achieved, but the more rare form of deformation mode – rotary deformed super pole . 778 more words

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Dell Vostro 5470 Reviews

See the Dell Vostro 5470 notebook dark gray chassis and slim body design, it should be able to guess that this is a position of commercial laptops, especially brushed metal leaving the author to determine their own ideas, it can be said Dell Vostro 5470 notebook has a number of characteristics of a typical business notebook. 675 more words

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HP Pavilion 15 Reviews

HP Pavilion 15 notebook compared with the previous products, from design, material selection and configuration parameters have made no small change, piano paint the roof in the past into the present composite material and metal wire drawing process to create, at the same time In color also have a variety of options, in addition to the black version we see today, Pavilion 15 also has a silver, gray and red versions to choose from, which will undoubtedly give consumers more choice. 339 more words

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Dell Inspiron 17 Review

Inspiron series is mainly for home users, because of its high cost and personality rather industrial design, by the majority of consumers, especially young users of all ages, while the series is Dell’s PC products in the most important series. 709 more words

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Dell Inspiron 15 Review

This time, the Dell Inspiron series will be completely re-shuffle, the 7000 series of products allows us to see not the same as “Inspiron”. Dell Inspiron15 in design with a minimalist design style, metal body to create not only durable, but make the whole look richer texture, very consistent with the current needs of white-collar workers and student groups. 609 more words

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Lenovo’s First 17-Inch Touch Laptop [Specs]

Lenovo’s largest touchscreen laptop, the Y70 Touch aims to open up a whole new level of interaction for video editing, social sharing and gaming. 137 more words

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