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Quick Review: Samsung Chromebook 3 Laptop

Hello, all! I know I have not had a post in quite some time, I have been busy with school and work. Speaking of school, I wanted to buy myself a small laptop for taking notes and writing my papers. 670 more words


Lenovo Presented New Water-Resistant Chromebook

As we’ve written before, the PC market had a relatively successful first quarter of 2017 when the shipment numbers finally went up. According to IDC, Chromebooks were the ones that contributed greatly to this tendency and even the biggest brands in this segment feel that there is a new and serious competitor on the market. 152 more words


New HP Laptops Are Coming Out in June

Without any big announcements or events, HP introduced a new line-up of Pavilion laptops. The company updated the regular models as well as the ones with 360-degree rotating screen. 146 more words


Why I'm Not Happy With My Dell Laptop

I have been a loyal HP customer since the moment I owned my first laptop. There were many things that I loved about HP, including the great design and the potency of its laptops. 954 more words

PC Specialist Cosmos IV laptop review

I have very few vices in life. I don’t smoke, I drink alcohol in moderation, I don’t gorge myself on cakes, I’ve even got my coffee habit down to two cups per day. 2,967 more words


Dell inspiron 15 5559 laptop review

The dell inspiron 15 5559 is a budget oriented laptop which satisfies the common customer’s needs. The laptop is a entry level machine which every age group can use. 245 more words

Asus Transformer - Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

The Asus Transformer line-up has always offered a great selection of so called two-in-one devices. They combine the features of a tablet and a laptop. One of the advantages of these devices was their price, most of them were quite affordable for a broad audience. 213 more words