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Dude doesn't speak woman.

Dude my age walks into the shop looking easy going. I approach.

“Hey, what can I help you with?”

“Uh, I need a USB for the internet.” 148 more words

Charlottetown, PEI.

Catch up first.

15th September. Β If you read the earlier diaries you will recall that on our four week cruise of Eastern Canada, in our matchbox sized bathroom, in our cabin has a shower that is unreliable, in that, the water changes from very cold to boiling hot in an instant and as a result some tender parts of me were scalded, but I am recovered now; another concern of mine was that we were given late sitting for dinner and that causes me problems if I eat late, well they have given us early sitting now, Hurrah!Β  898 more words


FreeBSD Desktop - Part 16 - Configuration - Pause Any Application

Many desktop oriented operating systems try to provide various usability improvements and features, like quite useful Expose or Dashboard in Mac OS X or useless… 1,489 more words

Stop Using Counterfeit Apple Adapter – They Are Dangerous

Fake adapters at cheap rates have become prevalent on different online seller sites. What is bothersome is that 90% of Apple cables and adapters on online sites are found be to counterfeited. 355 more words

How To Phone Detox - Beginner's Guide

I don’t know about you, but my phone is my alarm, it’s my reminder, my source of news and my playmate. The idea of not touching my phone for a day is a struggle. 410 more words


Certainly getting a Laptop Mend

In the event you have ever had a laptop do not succeed for various reasons then you certainly are aware that are of weariness. It only looks like in the event that you have anything you’ll use on the road say for example a cell phone or a laptop computer or 603 more words


Your No-Nonsense Quick and Easy Tips for Being aware of Whether you require More Notebook Ability to remember

Despite the fact that it’s normal information nowadays that upgrading the memory in the laptop is a good solution to dashing up the process, in all likelihood that often it’s not always the dearth of ability to remember that is actually shutting down someone down. 825 more words