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I miss my laptop, I am using one that is about five to seven years old and its painful.

I forget how far we have come, plus side the backspace button works


Life as it stands..

So, this is something new.. Typing this from my tablet using WordPress app. Of course, my laptop broke down. I have been carrying it for 6-7 months. 413 more words


Picture This......

I run my life on technology, shopping, communicating and working. The most important thing I do is take pictures, when I started this blog I was going to take pictures “properly” on a camera, this has never happened as the pictures I take on my gadgets are of such good quality…….. 172 more words

Nano Chronicles: Last leg of the race

‘Nuff Said….35k and counting….#NaNoWriMo #coffee #doubleshot


What is this? Another milestone

My laptop, is my baby, if there was a fire in my house and it was a choice between my partner and my laptop, lets hope he can get out himself. 620 more words


How to format windows 7

Important*  Backup your important data files and folders this can damage your warranty of you machine do at own risk. 299 more words