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"Waiting For The Media's Benghazi Mea Culpa": The Press Sponsored The GOP Charade For Years

Talk about a wild pendulum swing.

After relentlessly attacking and mocking presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for much of 2015, often depicting her as a hapless and phony pol, the Beltway press wrecking ball dramatically reversed direction last week when pundits and reporters announced the Democratic frontrunner had performed valiantly in front the Benghazi Select Committee. 874 more words


5 Inspirational Women at the 2015 Social Good Summit

Note: I was selected to be a 2015 Social Good Summit Blogger Fellow for the United Nations Association; I attended the summit during U.N. Week in New York City and wrote on the issues presented. 797 more words

The rise of the female TV war correspondent as global celebrity

She lived through a triple suicide car bombing attack on the hotel where she was staying in Baghdad in 2005, when she was just 25. She witnessed terrible things there, but Iraq was not the worst she’s seen. 2,437 more words

BRET STEPHENS: In Defense of Pamela Geller

Wall Street Journal — A society that rejects the notion of a heckler’s veto cannot accept the idea of a murderer’s veto.

Since when did the phrase “she was asking for it” gain respectability in the encyclopedia of American political correctness? 63 more words


'60 Minutes' Blasted For "Anachronistic Style" Of Africa Coverage

A group of academics and journalists is accusing 60 Minutes of turning black Africans into background extras in its recent segments from the continent.

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Lara Logan in hospital for complications from 2011 sex assault

Lara Logan, a correspondent for “60 Minutes,” has been readmitted to the hospital, reportedly due to complications stemming from a sexual assault she survived while covering the Arab Spring in Egypt in 2011. 119 more words

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