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A Life Less Ordinary

The Trials and Tribulations of Lady C

Well, there’s been a few wobbles on the Eat Clean – well, when I say “wobble” I mean more like a 9.8 earthquake…. 1,378 more words

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living

My life as a Lard Ass

Those of you who know me (and probably a lot of you who don’t!) will know that all my life I have had had a battle with food, my weight and my body image.   2,224 more words

Cruelty Free

We Had the Mother Effin' Stomach Flu

It’s inevitable. It happens almost every year. It starts out slow. At first you’re not even sure what’s happening. But then it hits you like a ton of bricks. 1,195 more words

From lard-ass to bad-ass

I am very lucky. I have never been overweight, despite for years sustaining myself on a diet of sweets, crisps and junk food – thank you genes. 924 more words



Update: This is an early draft.  An expanded version of this story can be found here

Julia took another bite of her Moro bar, spat it out, and burst into tears again. 298 more words


Something has Gotta Give

I went to buy an electric bike the other day because a colleague, who is an Iron Man champion, swears buy it. He says, “why sweat the hills? 345 more words