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Menace II Society

A film so fucking good that even the talent vacuum that is Jada Pinkett-Smith can’t derail it! That’s how fucking awesome this film is! Read that first line again just so you understand me properly. 227 more words

Dead Presidents

The Hughes Brothers’ awesome sophomore effort (before they shat the bed with the risible From Hell adaptation) is a beautifully crafted journey through graduation, ‘Nam and return to the Bronx (and descent into the poverty stricken world therein). 129 more words

Happy Birthday | Larenz Tate Turns 40 [VIDEO]

Filed under men who just don’t age, Larenz Tate celebrates his 40th birthday today (September 8th). He still looks as good as he did in “Love Jones.” 27 more words

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Love Jones| A Blues For Nina/Remembering

Its funny how somethings begin and how somethings end.  Before you know it something very special blossoms and you are in the world wind of its wrath.   13 more words


"Menace II Society" (1993)

“America’s Nightmare. Young, Black and didn’t give a fuck.”

A certified underground classic of the 90s, “Menace II Society” was critically acclaimed and slammed at the same time for it’s raw take on inner city life in Watts. 153 more words


Married men Monday!

Married men Monday! Screen stars: Blair Underwood with his wife Desiree DaCosta; and Larenz Tate with his wife Tomasina Parrott. Fellas, if you’re looking for your own leading lady, join www.dates4us.com

Larenz Tate Stars In Gripping New Drama Series "Game of Silence" On NBC This Fall

“Game of Silence” has also been at the top of the crop through the pilot decision process, though was possibly considered to be too dark for broadcast — however, NBC order the series for the final product. 17 more words