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Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla

What we love about Crashboat Beach:

First, it’s only about 40 minutes from the house.  Then, there is always something to do.  My daughter rents paddle boats or wades in the water with a pina colada in her hand.  102 more words


Nature Adventure Lares...Is Fun

Naturaleza Aventura Lares…Es Diversion

That’s the tagline on the Official Tourism Page for Lares.  There is a new administration at the Oficina de Cultura y Turismo (Office of Culture and Tourism.) They are trying to attact more of the island’s tourists to Lares.   125 more words


Casita Coqui is on Airbnb.com

Casita Coqui is online!

We want our guests to love the house, the neighborhood, the town of Lares, and the island of Puerto Rico as much as we do!  82 more words


A new look at the Suleviæ

I had wanted to mention this earlier, but a couple of weeks ago I made a major upgrade to the web page on the Suleviæ 360 more words

Dancing with Dionysos in a Foreign Country

Guess what awesome thing is going to happen in a few days? You guessed right–well, I hope you did, anyway–it’s going to be Lenaia again, and on the same day as the Kalends of February, no less! 196 more words


Self-Therapy, Always a Good Thing?

Dana waits in the distance, towards Ellethis, beckoning to them and Saiyûnor.

I want to prepare for Mondays better than I have, but how?

I libated to Athene and the house spirits last night, and Dana was out there. 219 more words


May All Our Voyages Be Safe and Sweet

So, thankfully, our very first Vialia went well. I think we’re definitely going to celebrate it yearly from now on. If you don’t know about it yet, here’s a brief description from the  136 more words