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Sugar Skull Cake

Last year a friend at work asked if I’d be able to make a birthday cake for one of her friends. However when she said she wanted a sugar skull on it, I had no idea what she was on about and was worried that if agreed to make something I wouldn’t be able to do! 187 more words

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Coffee Cake with Coffee Buttercream Icing

This simple and delicious sponge cake always gets a great response. I’m constantly surprised at how many people really love coffee cake and this one is a real treat. 404 more words

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Santa in Bed Cake

Earlier in the year I made an Easter cake and Halloween cake for charity raffles in the office. I decided that I would offer to make a Christmas cake. 207 more words

Large Cakes

Winter Scene Christmas Cake

Last year I didn’t get round to writing about the Christmas cake I made, mostly due to being over ambitious with what I wanted to do before the big day – there were so many thing I wanted to bake, Christmas decorations I wanted to make and prepare for 12 people coming to ours for Christmas. 308 more words

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Cheese Cake

Every year for Tom’s birthday I make him a cake. This year it’s a bit late since we were on holiday but I promised I’d make him something to take to work when we got back. 358 more words


Lilac Rose and Freesia (Raspberry and Amaretto) Wedding Cake

Just before Christmas last year, a family friend, Emma, asked if I would be able to make her wedding cake. Despite not living near where the wedding was going to be I said yes since it was near my parents so I thought it would be a good chance to go back to my parents for a few days. 695 more words

Large Cakes

GBBO Technical Challenge No. 4 - Spanische Windtorte

At the weekend I decided to give last weeks technical challenge a go. It looked impressive but I couldn’t help thinking that it looked like a pavlova, just constructed in a slightly different way. 432 more words

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