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When you see this dog you think its Scooby Doo but its not a great Dane. This American Akita is like a white version of Scooby Doo specially when you look at the side of his face. 58 more words


Dogs with Accessories

Many people have many different opinions on accessorizing their dogs whether that means putting them in clothing or buying new objects for you to use with your dog aka a bag to hold your dog in. 238 more words



This beautiful lady is a rescue from Korea. As the dog parent mention she was about to be soup or stew at 4 months old. They rescue this puppy and name her Graça (Grasya), Portuguese word for grace, that grew up a healthy happy Golden Retriever and now residing here in Makati City. 51 more words


My Experience with Dogs

Throughout my life I have always known that I have wanted dogs, even when I was a little kid both me and my family knew that I wanted a dog. 554 more words



This eye catching large male poodle is adorable. Rufuz is a decade old and from Taguig City. Its brown curly fur makes you wanna hug him. 32 more words



This friendly giant is a breed almost close to the wolf but Naya here is just chilling. This one year old Caucasian Shepherd loves the stroll outside but she takes time to sit and getting the attention of passersby. 21 more words



This four month old female Samoyed is the kids center of attraction. Kids are curious and found of Sasha. Maybe because of its white beautiful fur and her calm presence. 11 more words