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His unsavoury remark suggested extermination of the infirm, ‘sieving the grain from the chaff’ as he put it. He mentioned it quite casually, between boasting about his latest catches and pulling his wire-haired dachshund back to the driver’s cab. 1,017 more words

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Book Review: Fit to Burst, by Rachel Jankovic

In Fit to Burst: Abundance, Mayhem, and the Joys of Motherhood, Rachel Jankovic has some good, wise things to say, and it’s nice to read a book by a young mom, who is, right now, in the thick of caring for multiple little people. 144 more words

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What About Zack?

Discussing our upcoming family vacation to the Outer Banks….


Energy Saving Cooking With Ian Cumming And Smart Energy GB

As you can imagine a family of seven run up pretty high energy bills. With lights being left on, gaming devices flashing away and the washing machine on constantly our house is using up energy at a rapid rate for a large part of the day. 429 more words


Book Review: Three Decades of Fertility

This is not a book for everyone. However, if you love reading birth stories, have a large family or are curious about large families and their beliefs and practices, or are an “older” (mid-thirties and up) woman who is interested in having (or continuing to have) babies, then you will probably enjoy this book. 231 more words

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This Father's Day, every baby counts!

On Father’s Day we had a funny little thing happen. James and I were on the bus with the kids going to meet my dad for lunch. 333 more words

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Soooooooooo…..5 Kids Huh?

I had a little reality check this past week as I contemplated what our life is going to look like with 5 kids.

That’s 100 finger/toe nails to cut each week, actually 120 if you count my own. 637 more words