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Thoughts About Taking My Family of Seven on a ReallyLongRoadTrip

- When we’re not even far enough from home to put on the gps and I’ve explained So Many Times to my littles that this is a very. 520 more words

Here we go!!

To start our family is anything but average, and that suites me, because that has pretty much been the story of my life.  With four kids, we have twice the amount of children as the average family.   269 more words


Dodge Intends To "RELEASE" UNSAFE Vehicle Onto Road

Dodge intends to “release” unsafe vehicle onto road as they are incapable of diagnosing problems.

Yes indeed, we got that from the horses mouth today….from “CARE” service rep W.. 3,380 more words


25 Things Only Families Of 7+ Experience

I’m the oldest of seven children. Same parents – no twins. No, they weren’t following scripture, just two crazy adults with no plan. We were all born within ten years. 922 more words


I have five children.  You would think this would make me an expert on parenting.  I am not.  Most of the time I feel pretty clueless.  595 more words


Real To Do Lists

If we wrote our REAL To Do Lists:

  • Called Plumbers
  • Found a good plumber
  • Didn’t do laundry, dishes, flush toilet, or run water all day…
  • 171 more words
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