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Making The Most Of Those Early Years

The other day I make the announcement that in a few months time I’m going to be a Nanny!

As you can imagine this revelation has caused me to have a million and one thoughts flooding through my mind and one of the things that has become even more apparent is the fact the time passes way to quickly. 215 more words


Welcome to the jungle

Back in the day one of my favorite songs was “Welcome to the Jungle” by GUNS N’ ROSES. The song was playing in my head this morning as I was laughing about the start to my day. 1,067 more words

I'm Going To Be A Nanny!

Yes and not a Nanny of the childcare kind…a real life Grandma in my late thirties!

When someone says Nan or Grandma the immediate image that is conjured up in my mind is a grey hair lady with fluffy slippers on and a set of knitting needles in hand. 452 more words


Easy and effective ways to help you spend quality time with your child

Short on time and money, but looking for ways to spend quality time with your child? Need to bond but don’t want to break the bank? 487 more words

Carpooling the Salvadorean way

As most hispanic families they tend to be very large. I have three older brothers and a twin sister. When we were younger we would all ride to school with either my mom or dad. 144 more words

El Salvador

Water:A Basic Need We All Take For Granted

If you’re thirsty you fill up a glass from the tap, if you a dirty you pop into the shower, if your little one has a fall you rinse the graze with some fresh water. 431 more words


Happy Valentine's Day!

From our chocolate covered faces to yours 💕 YAY FOR CHOCOLATE!