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Baby Stigmas

Why is it that when a woman is pregnant everyone feels like they have a right to add in their opinions on her life. It happens everyday. 585 more words

Daily Adventures

It seems this year has been plagued with illnesses, or at the very least, a ridiculous amount of doctor visits. For usually healthy kids, clinics and antibiotics were becoming our new normal. 280 more words


Saying Goodbye to Mom

Today starts a new normal as the kids and I waved goodbye to Mom/Grandma. She is always such a God send when I have a new baby, giving of herself tirelessly. 128 more words


Happy Crappy Father's Day! (When Life Gets All Screwed Up)

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short. Or several dollars short.

My sister-in-law texted me this picture this morning, and WOW! does it describe my life right now. 489 more words


Ha ha sure I was going to have all the time in my life to write while in the hospital with my broken water waiting for the 36 week mark to hit…. 247 more words

Large Families


For the second time since birth, I brought home my beautiful, brand new baby girl from the hospital. After being admitted for a high fever, all test results came back this morning negative for bacterial infection. 51 more words


A Cure for the Inconsolable

Sometimes when it’s the whirlwind of an inconsolable teething baby and it’s bedtime and cleaning up after a birthday party and getting ready for tomorrow’s field trip and it’s the end of a long hot day? 53 more words