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In That Country with Children

As I read about the Arctic weather that is descending upon the eastern portion of our country again, the images that slid into mind’s eye were of the ten months spent in the country outside of Clare, MI. 2,298 more words

When They Leave

It was a normal Monday.  With the flu in the house, I wasn’t sure which child I would be up with in the early morning hours, but I knew someone would need something for their fever. 1,056 more words


More Parenting and Marriage Memes

Let’s see…. epic tantrums from the nearly four year old and freshly turned two year old… a dishwasher AND oven break one month after their warranties expire (at the same time)… No wine…. 11 more words

The Parenting Secret

“Just wait till their teenagers!”

This was the common refrain we heard every weekend at the ballpark while cheering on our six year old athlete and chasing her three younger siblings around the bleachers. 983 more words


Anne & Gilbert - literary models of Life & Love. NOT pro-choice agenda.

I just read this article. SIGH. Sometimes I question the human beings level of logic. Or rather, it just proves the lack-of-logic by pro-abortionists, yet again. 309 more words

My family needs your prayers!

It’s been very busy around our house adjusting to having ten children! Petra is 6 1/2 months old now. She is beautiful and chubby with a contagious smile that lights up our family. 554 more words


ALDI Baby And Toddler Event

Over a year ago I swapped my weekly shop to Aldi and have not looked back since.

One of the things that drew me to the the store in the first place were the fantastic value nappies that I have found have been the best nappy I’ve ever used, and believe me I’ve tried almost every brand over eighteen years of nappy buying!! 142 more words