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Is the US Unfriendly to Larger Families? (Part One) 

I’ve seen article after article posted on how big families are vilified in public, looked down on, and referenced for being outside the norm. The often quoted stat of 2.3 kids gets thrown around as evidence that the US has changed and that times are more unfriendly to larger families than the past. 582 more words

How To Feel Young

Get some slightly older siblings who don’t understand technology.

Andrew (only 5 months older than me, aka MY AGE, by the way) repeatedly insists, “I don’t do apps. 86 more words


When Life Gives You Lemons & Limes...

You blog about it, of course!

Welcome to “Counting Lemons & Limes,” a blog about life; the sweet, the sour and everything in between.

Why Lemons and Limes? 246 more words


"Clue"-- Jewish Mom Version

There was a shooting at Montgomery Mall, which is less than 5 minutes from my parents’ house. Nobody had heard from Mom.

What ensued was the world’s jewiest game of Clue. 45 more words


"Those Chickens are Tearing this Family Apart!"

“Those Chickens are Tearing this Family Apart!”

So said my melodramatic thirteen year old daughter at the kitchen table, referring to the chicken dispute at hand. 671 more words

Large Family Issues

Survival Tactics

Me and a friend (a new friend who doesn’t know me or my family that well), discussing the idea of large families:

Friend: “I can’t BELIEVE your mom had four children. 132 more words