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13 Tell-Tale Signs You Grew Up In A Crazy Large Family

Growing up in a large family is usually pretty cool. There’s always someone to go play put-put with and you’ve got a guaranteed group of people forced to love you. 1,066 more words

About Fish Eyes and Glue

My mother, Jasmine Dorothea Jackson Pocock died a few days before Christmas 2014. Since her death, myself and my five remaining siblings came up with the idea of creating a site where we could upload memories of our mother as well as some of the recipes she passed on to us.  312 more words

Born Together ©

Pregnancies in St. Jacques and probably other similar communities during the 1950’s and 60’s seemed to be a communal occurrence among the younger families. One can chart the children of any number of families of that era on a time grid and see considerable overlap from year to year. 1,598 more words

Small Success Thursday: Blessings in the Busyness

It’s already Thursday, and this whirlwind of a life I am blessed with has me hanging on, just like Barb wrote over at CatholicMom.com! What are your successes for the week? 426 more words


Searching For Peter Rabbit's Post Office In The Bluebells

Spring is my favourite time of the year for many reasons. I love the longer days, the warmer weather(hopefully) and the abundance of beautiful spring flowers that you have the opportunity to venture out and see. 323 more words

Kids Days Out

What's Five More Minutes? (A Creative Reenactment)

Heather had thought there would be some breathing space (a.k.a. time to get some of the work done she was PAID to do) once she dropped the kids off at school. 1,443 more words

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33 weeks and hospital bed rest!!!

So wow a whole month and a half of no blogging…more like close to two months. I’ve just been busy soaking up the time with my kiddos and enjoying the nice weather,when BAM Monday night my water decides it is going to break…..and then apparently seal back up again. 378 more words

Large Families