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Water:A Basic Need We All Take For Granted

If you’re thirsty you fill up a glass from the tap, if you a dirty you pop into the shower, if your little one has a fall you rinse the graze with some fresh water. 431 more words


Happy Valentine's Day!

From our chocolate covered faces to yours 💕 YAY FOR CHOCOLATE!

The Power Of Music And How It Evokes Memories

“You can go your own way”

These words are just a few of many from Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits album that will always spark off nostalgia from my childhood. 340 more words


Confessions of a Previously Pro-Choice Woman

There’s been a lot of talk lately about life, abortion and women’s rights.

I’ve been thinking about my own struggle with these issues.  Perhaps my story can give perspective to others who grapple with these things. 1,081 more words


For At Leat One Child,No, Five Isn't Enough

My husband and I have recently started telling our friends that we are ready to adopt again, and are actively searching for a little girl to round out our family. 452 more words

Finding the ~calm~ in !cHaOs!

So I would like to start off by saying that my life is not normal. Who’s is, right? But I truly never thought it was going to be like this… … 218 more words


My grandparents were known to me as PaPa and Ida. We never called my grandmother by any other name and it seemed to suit her. Frank and Ida Deville had eight children. 652 more words

My Dribbles