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Homeschooling the Large Family in a Small Space

Is it possible to homeschool a large family in a small home? How about homeschooling eleven kids in a three bedroom house? Today’s post is an interview with Helen Helmers, a homeschooling mom whom I have long admired. 2,400 more words


Fall is almost over!

My goodness do the seasons change fast! It’s starting to get much cooler around here (we are in NH) and life seems to be slowing down… (I mean, as much as it can with 5 kids haha!) No really though, we are in between soccer ending and basketball starting so it feels so nice to be home most nights as a family…. 189 more words

It takes a village

When I was 16 I started to become interested in my family’s history, when I was 18 I began researching and chasing my family’s roots. One thing that has always astonished me is the size of families, the number of children that people had in comparison with today. 330 more words


6 is a Good Age

“Mom, I want to give this to Brody”, as he’s showing me his inventory in Minecraft. He’s pointing to an enchanted sword “that Brody needs.” 140 more words


Birth Order

I am a parent.  I am a parent of a rather large family.  Rather large, not huge.  Nobody’s giving us our own reality show or anything.  1,100 more words

Well There Goes the Blog

Dad: “You can’t post things that are going to make me worry.”


From My Journal: The Quest to Raise Good Kids

When I heard Fats Domino died, I was immediately reminded that our daughter Erica and a group of college peers had worked on repairing his house after Hurricane Katrina. 747 more words

Mothering Trials