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The other day I was thinking how odd it is that despite 8 children and 21 years of parenting (I have now known my husband longer than I haven’t known him), I have never once dealt with lice. 546 more words

Sorry Lovely

I had a bad experience at Costco on Saturday. So bad I plan to avoid the place indefinitely. The manager called me at home to apologize profusely and my husband called corporate and they are filing a formal complaint against the employee. 450 more words

I'd Stay In There if I Were Her

Apparently our baby can now fully recognize my voice and maybe even the voices of the regular characters in my life.  Here are the thoughts I imagine she is having as she processes information from the outside world: 719 more words


And With That, Jeremy Has Officially Accepted His Place

Referring to tomorrow night’s seder at Steph and Andrew’s house, and the group sleepover that will follow…



I saw the school play friday night, accompanied by my overachiever and my 6 year old.

She looks too cool for school, doesn’t she? But in truth she is an obsessive, militant student bent on crushing the competition. 107 more words

On Being A Mom...

Some days I am totally on as a mom and score big in the mom category. Last Friday was a prime example. We had been invited to a St Patty’s party but then at the last minute it got cancelled because the family that was hosting got sick. 472 more words


How Doth the Little Crocodile

My almost ten year old is a crocodile in the school play.

Her fellow thespians said she is so cute they want to kidnap her! 44 more words