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" . . if you are a chocoholic like me "


A year ago I had never heard of Boar’s Head. This was my second time going during the annual family vacation with the in-laws, and the service/food had been excellent both times. 149 more words

PCB Restaurants

Pingo: An Interactive, LaTex Compatible, Cloud Based System for Interaction in Large Groups.


Author(s) Kristian Evans


Obtaining interaction in large group teaching can be challenging, in particular in STEM subjects where it essential to be able to efficiently present symbols, equations and formulae. 541 more words


Home Sweet Home

Growing up I would always hear stories about Barbados from both my grandparents. My grandpa would tell my brothers and I about how he would play hookie from school and go swimming at the beach. 834 more words

Catch Phrase

How to Play: Just like the board game! Students are divided into teams. Write vocabulary words on separate pieces of paper (or have the students write them). 153 more words


Tongue Twister Challenge

How to Play: There are a few ways you can play with tongue twisters in class. Usually, I’ll teach the students one, allow them to practice on their own, and then in teams they must recite the tongue twister as many times as possible (you can have one person per team go each round, or have them take turns saying it until somebody makes a mistake).  121 more words


Word Scrambles

How to Play: This game can be modified for many different learning objectives. The main premise is that students organize and differentiate between words. For example, on separate pieces of paper, write verbs in the present simple, past simple and past participle. 182 more words


Flip Cup

How to Play: Just like the party game, minus the booze! Organize desks in a long line and have two teams of students stand on either side facing each other. 459 more words