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Joe Milazzo's "Book Notes" at LARGEHEARTED BOY

Largehearted Boy published Joe Milazzo’s annotated playlist for Crepuscule W/ Nellie  (Jaded Ibis Press). Check it out HERE!

Metaphysical Ukuleles in the World

Here’s a roundup of some stuff that’s been written about my new book. The first is a playlist I put together for the book for… 149 more words


LARGEHEARTED BOY Publishes Matthew Binder's "Book Notes" for HIGH IN THE STREETS

An excerpt:

I didn’t realize it until I started thinking about writing this piece for Largehearted Boy, but Lou, High in the Streets‘ “hero,” always has something to listen to. 35 more words

LARGEHEARTED BOY Published Angela Woodward's "Book Notes" for NATURAL WONDERS

An excerpt:

Natural Wonders concerns geologic time: the ice ages, the movements of the earth’s crust, the formation of volcanoes, the interpretation of fossils. Set against a brief marriage in which passion flared and waned, the novel interrogates our belief in certainty against our unequivocal knowledge that everything changes. 108 more words

book notes for Straight Away the Emptied World

I created a “Book Notes” for Largehearted Boy for my new dystopian poetry chapbook, STRAIGHT AWAY THE EMPTIED WORLD.  Read it and listen to the playlist !

JUVENTUD playlist at Largehearted Boy, and the latest Q&A with Deborah Kalb

I wrote about the music that inspired Juventud for Largehearted Boy (read the list and check out the songs here: Juventud playlist on Spotify). From classical guitar to Shakira’s pop hits, salsa to Mark Piszczek’s “Dangerous Times,” these are the tunes I turned to again and again. 100 more words


The "Comin' Right at Ya" playlist, on largehearted boy

If you read “Comin’ Right at Ya” (and I sure hope you will!), you might find yourself seeking some of the music to listen to while turning pages. 91 more words