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12 HIM came out to learn more about 2T3S.  How does this simple statement impact our lives, our family and friends.  

2 Timothy 1:7  For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control… 326 more words


The Money Move

Flip Flop, disco duck, smokey, Burt, Joe Smith, largemouth, Chanticler, Hermes, pierogi, shank, coney, Banjo

Recently YHC was in Chapel Hill where Yanni led the pax through 50 prom night Merkins to the pax chagrin, as is if those glory days were not a bar set high, much like Burts high school fro bringing him in at 5’10”. 386 more words


Sledding in July, who knew.

Sleds in July! YHC dusted the cobwebs from the ol’nog’n to come up with a limited run workout that would entertain the PAX looking for a fast pace….   437 more words


Fly Of The Week: Hada's Creek Crawler

IF there is a must have in any Ozark Smallmouth fly fisher’s box it has to be the Creek Crawler, or Hada’s Craft Fur Clouser… 245 more words


Bassing The Ozarks: A Visitor's Tale

Some kind, and inspirational, thoughts from well-travelled fly shop manager Greg Darling after three days on Crooked Creek with our guide team. Thanks mate!

Mention “Ozarks” and immediately I start dreaming about bass.

427 more words

What is your weakness?

Mosey up to Ederle for warm-up:  ssh, imp walker, good am oyo, mtn climbers

Jog South on Ederle and then to bottom of Avenue of the Estates hill. 255 more words


Post Most Amazing Workout to Have Ever Happened

Only 9 PAX gathered post Beer Mile.  What happened to the 140 PAX from last week?!?!  The pollsters told YHC that we would have at least 150-160.   363 more words