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B.O.M.B.S over Koka Booth

6 PAX huddled under the LED lights in the mini parking lot, anxiously awaiting the 5:30 start time.  5 seconds to go time and Flip Flop fires in to make 7.  326 more words


Lion's Gate

Monday morning. Kryptonite for some men but not for these 11 dudes. No gloves for the real men #carystrong and off we went.

COP in the VIP parking lot – SSH, Mountain Climbers, Good Mornings, Merkins, Imperial Walker. 307 more words


"It Didn't Look That Big When We Started"




  1. a small hill or mound.

    synonyms: mound, small hill, prominence, elevation, rise, knoll, hummock, hump, dune;

    bank, ridge, knob;


    “the lovely green hillocks in the distance”

323 more words

Accidental 4.4

12 PAX this morning for YHCs first Kryptonite Q.  Excited for my drive chance to take the wheel of this one, we nearly ran the tires off.  465 more words

Term Paper


14 Pax shook off The Odyssey hangover and took to a high tempo beatdown by YHC.  (Here’s our Strava from Michelob)

Some chatter on Twitter last night meant when YHC saw a white honda stroll in to the parking lot right after 0545, he wasn’t waiting… 416 more words

Term Paper