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Tips for Using Quark Correctly in Commercial Printing

If you’re new to the wonders of Quark for desktop publishing and commercial printing, or even if you’re an advanced user, avoiding some of these common Quark mistakes will make your working experience smoother and less stressful. 467 more words

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Customers EXPECT Trust and Value in 2010

Has your customer base decreased during the decline of our nation’s economy? Probably so. Personal consumption, which drives economic activity, continues to fluctuate, which makes it even more imperative for businesses to earn customer trust and keep it. 467 more words

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Marketing Your Corporate Personality

What do Nike, Apple, Geico, Google, JACK and other such business giants have in common? BIG PERSONALITY! Ever stop to think that brand identity isn’t everything – especially in today’s virtual world where buzz, tweets, blogs, FaceBook and texts often speak more about your company than paid advertising? 510 more words

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Brand Control – Who’s Really In Charge?

As a marketer from the pre-blog era, this question seems ridiculously easy to answer… and once upon a time it was. Now, not so much. Not in a time when blogs, discussion boards, email group lists, Facebook, Twitter, and all other such tools create an open, ongoing forum for your product or service to be honestly and candidly discussed. 380 more words

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Door Hangers – The Underdog of Direct Mail

What is your company’s customary and acceptable lead generation cost? Chances are it’s more than eight cents per lead. If you don’t know this cost, do some research and find out, it’s critical to the bottom line of any direct mail strategy. 472 more words

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How to Save Money on Your Print Binding

The right design can make our break a print catalog. But, the design and content are not the only things that are important in catalog printing. 293 more words

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Why use Web to Print technologies?

Web-to-print, also known as Web2Print or remote publishing, is a commercial prepress process that bridges the gap between digital content online and commercial print production. 375 more words

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