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A Larch Styled from Scratch

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to style a Japanese Larch at the recent NIBS Greenmount Display event.  It was presented to the club for demonstration purposes and so I had a go in front of the half a dozen people who made it out on such a wet afternoon.  130 more words


Larch cones

I really like these little cones developing for the first time on my Japanese larch. Only three of them.

Larix Kaempferi

Another Larch (Larix Kaempferi

My second larch which was re-potted last year is progressing nicely this year. Having been heavily fed in the early growing season it was time to give the first flush of extension growth a light trim to encourage ramification. 86 more words


Larch Progress (Larix Kaempferi)

My large larch continues to progress well. The tree has been fed heavily and has put on good extension growth which has been given a light trim to help further ramification and the image continues to improve. 49 more words


Large Large Larix kaemperi

I managed to get a little refinement work done by Robert Porch on this larch this week. I wired it at a club meeting a few months ago and now that the buds are starting to open the image needed refined. 57 more words


Tree Watching - A little waffle to fill the space

There is not a lot of action at the moment in Larchland.  There may be a slight swelling of buds, but this is probably wishful thinking by Ms Eager Beaver.  233 more words

Winter Larch

I recently had a look at my chuhin Japanese Larch now that all the needles have dropped.  Any remaining ones on the tree were cleared and I then carried out some very light pruning of this year’s extension growth to maintain the outline of the tree and also to avoid any long straight branches.  92 more words

Larix Kaempferi