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Ithronian Adventures #192 - Wreckers and Roden

Spring comes to Ithron, but in the north bright spring flowers often give way to bitter wintery showers. On a wet and blustery spring day Tungdil and Judith joined others upon a hiring that took them on a path down to wreckers bay and crossing paths with ‘heroes’ of the people. 2,014 more words


Game Design Methodologies for Gender Playability: A Case Study of Thermophiles in Love

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In Nomine has often struck me as a singularly good game for tackling the thorny subject of gender - but I have never quite built up the nerve to do so. Here's a look at a game purpose built for the subject. [gallery ids="10603,10604,10605,10606,10607,10608,10609,10610,10612,10613" type="columns" link="file"]  

Larp Camping

What is Larp camping? Larp camping, at least what I would consider it, to be when you go to a Larp event that is longer then 1 day. 686 more words


College of Wizardry: First LARP

Larping is something I have wanted to do for several years now, but of course it was my long time love of things related to Harry Potter and magic that finally allowed me to buy my ticket and take the plunge. 1,391 more words


Train Tickets

Okay. This post is  kind of an experiment, really. I was in need of some WW2-style train tickets, for a re-enactment/LARP-type thing. I searched all over the internet, but found nothing. 93 more words


Weekly Player Spotlight: The Warna Family

Good afternoon Swordcraftians! Welcome to this week’s Player Spotlight!

This week we’re focusing on what it’s like to be a family that LARPs together.

Dayan Warna has been playing Swordcraft for about four and half years, ever since he attended a Saturday game at Darebin Park. 526 more words


Diana Torres, First Three Days at Czocha

Author note: Here follows a long diary entry from Diana Torres, a fictional character I played as at a larp called College of Wizardry. I plan on also writing a post ooc about my thoughts on my first larp, etc. 4,776 more words