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Here is my Power Button- LARP

“Here is my power button”, is a very insightful and emotionally moving game written by Brody Atwater adapted by Stephanie Nudelman & John Stavropoulos. Played April 7th, 2018. 358 more words


I Survived "The Wasteland Experience"

I’ve never been LARPing before.

That’s effectively what Zed Events are offering with their latest attraction, “The Wasteland Experience”. A group of adults carrying fake guns being led through an abandoned shopping mall full of actors – both friendly and unfriendly – whose sole job is to scare the players as much as possible. 385 more words


LARP with Jesse Stanley


Jordan talks with Jesse Stanley about Live Action Role Playing and costume construction.


Episode 1

I was originally going to wait until May 1 to publish the first episode, but the response from everyone has been so great (thanks!) that I wanted to get this out sooner. 79 more words


Once Upon A Time... LARP Was Born

When people hear about live-action role play or LARP for short, most people think about the movie Role Models. The movie is only one example of how people interact with the game. 674 more words


First is First: Toady goes a LARP'ing

L.A.R.P stands for Live Action Role Play. A simplified description of this style would be a gaming format that incorporates a live interactive story, use of improvisation, & game mechanics. 199 more words