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Ithronian Adventures #141: Missing Scouts

Once more adventurers of Berwickshire are called to travel the wild ways of the county, to brave perils and face dangers, to see to the safety of the county or to line their own pockets with gold. 1,576 more words


Crew Call: Where Walks The Shogun

Date: Saturday August 29th 2015

Time: 10:00

Location: Woodbury Common, Exeter, Devon,

Cost: Free for Crew,

This is a 1 day LARP Event created for… 69 more words


GM Services: What Services Could we Provide to Support LARP?

Traditionally at LARPS, the GMs do everything needed to make a game happen (except costuming which is traditionally delegated to players).  At Intercon and other  mini-LARP weekends,  two tasks are handled “horizontally” by the event organizers (space booking, and player sign-up).   75 more words


Vampire The Masquerade : Ludoviga's Court


It’s been a while since I wrote another part of Oliver’s adventure. The reason behind this is that I’ve been so busy with this thing called “real life”, that I’ve not had any time to actually write something, or even attend any plays. 2,536 more words

Vampire The Masquerade

Describing LARP Mechanics and Rules

How do we describe the mechanics we use?  Would you want to know what kind of mechanics a game uses before we sign up?  What does it mean to be mechanics light or heavy? 88 more words


Tell Me About Yourself

I’m running Part Two of my London Under event tomorrow. *gulp* As with my stories (or at least, as I attempt to do with my stories), the game is very much character-driven. 356 more words

Craft Tips

Ithronian Adventures #140: Edinburgh Day Site

On a glorious summer day adventurers from Newcroft headed north into Lirron to take in the sights and add their metal to a pair of hirings out of the great city on the eastern side of the country. 1,796 more words