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Larp Safe Walking Sticks

Or in fact any walking aid that can be used one handed – such as a crutch.

Here’s the question. If you have a mobility problem there are games will let carry walking sticks providing they are not used in a combat situation. 293 more words


Murderhearts: Designing a One-Shot LARP

Last autumn I got invited to a murder mystery dinner at a friend-of-a-friend’s place. It was a really fun evening, but the out-of-the-box scenario was very much a murder mystery dinner rather than a LARP. 2,492 more words


Berlin, larping and Czocha college of wizardry.

Berlin at last. The girls and I landed from our morning flight out of Heathrow, checked in to a hostel on Alexandraplatz and set out on foot to explore the city. 1,236 more words


Badass Larp Talk #25: Play the Game You're At

Have you ever showed up at a baseball game and wondered why no one wanted to toss a football around? Tried to enter your ferret in the Miss Teen USA pageant? 1,900 more words

Crazy weekend at Greencloaks.

Hey guys.
So I went L.A.R.P ing!!!
It was so amazingly fun. I have never wanted to run so much in my life.
I think it’s genuinely the first time I’ve been willing to try so hard at being active. 232 more words

Life Problems

Exploring Feminism Through LARP

How does feminism affect your in and out of game experience at a LARP (live action role playing game)? Do you think about gender equality and inclusion differently or more often as a result of your LARP experiences? 1,103 more words


Legion: A Siberian Story

This Larp trailer looks and feels very powerful and very Russian. It’s an historical larp that tells the story of Czechoslovak volunteers trying to get home from Russia torn by the Civil War. 25 more words