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Weathered Boots | LARP How To | Adam Cooper

I am not a LARPer but I love watching and listening to stuff about it.

This is just good info on how to Weather some Leather Boots, for Cosplay or LARPing!


The World Went Dark - Event 2 PhotoGallery

These photos cover the UK Post-Apocalyptic larp The World Went Dark – Out Of The Frying Pan. All of the images are by the talented Charlotte Moss – there will be links to her websites at the end. 434 more words


Hello again

Hello again, World. :)

Me, as briefly as I can manage:

– Feminist, always striving to be intersectional

– LARPer first, (amateur) ballroom dancer second, board gamer and fangirl around third. 482 more words

Entrare in un mondo fantasy - Il LARP

Le domeniche di bel tempo (o anche nuvoloso, purché non vi siano acquazzoni torrenziali), mentre camminate tranquillamente nel boschetto vicino casa vostra, potreste imbattervi in gruppi di persone che, indossati abiti medievali ed equipaggiati con armi in lattice, sembrano vivere in altri mondi, alienati a tutto ciò di quotidiano che li circonda. 657 more words


Captain Jack Sparrow

That awkward moment when we bought the aquarium skull … and have not brought the fish 😆

“Art-subjective” – Captain Jack Sparrow! :)))

Tricorne: leather, waxing and tinting. 12 more words


Custom Combat Lightsabers

Kyberlight is not your usual custom lightsaber company. Their lightsabers are engineered to withstand the rigours of combat! Their probably a little overkill if you’re only looking for the standard cosplay fare, but if you’re looking for weapon you can use for Star Wars live-action roleplay or complete your utility belt as a real-life superhero (or villain) then Kyberlight sabers are the way to go. 379 more words


How much is too much?

I really want to like Critical Role. It get’s a lot of press, has done wonders for the table top gaming community and Matt Mercer is a fantastic GM who makes my shambling semi organised efforts feel thoroughly inadequate. 396 more words