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Embroidery for Ambra

I am still working on the Mage cap. Its going to be a long-term project. One thing I made is this embroidery for the back of the cap. 16 more words


Larp in the Museum: The Game Kitchen in the V&A

This article, by Mirella Machancoses López, was originally published on the La Mirada de Gorgona blog.

More or less a month ago, The Game Kitchen… 696 more words

College of Wizardry 10, or, "I want to go back"

Last Monday, I returned home from the larp College of Wizardry, tenth of its name. Physically, at least. Mentally, I haven’t yet, not really. Emotionally… time will tell. 2,596 more words

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#28 Interviewing David & Caitlin Glore of Riverside Opera

We rolled for encounters and this week we got two guests! On today’s show we interview David & Caitlin Glore, the founders of Riverside Opera, a Memphis based World of Darkness LARP! 54 more words


An Unexpected Safe Space

(Originally written on November 20th, 2016 and cross posted with minor edits to Facebook)

As I sit in my little Berlin hotel (feeling very splurgey-I have a room AND a bathroom all to myself), I am working on processing everything that I have experienced during my time at the College Of Wizardry LARP (CoW9). 937 more words

College Of Wizardry

The Early Years

Welcome to CthulhuMom Games – a blog about my experiences raising a child in a gaming family.

During an email exchange with a reader I was requested to do an article I had meant to do when I started this blog, a piece on the early years of gaming with a child – what it’s like to game with an infant and/or toddler. 1,142 more words

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Childrens LARPs - UK

A couple of months ago we were poised a question. Which LARPs in the UK work hard to support children? Specifically Children aged 6 and over. 1,047 more words