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Zedtown: Twin Cities

Roughly 600 humans began the latest Zedtown. 1 got evacuated at the end.

Yep. Around 600 started, and 1 made it out. True, there were a number more who survived (I believe around 100, though I could be wrong), but weren’t at the evacuation point at game end.  1,053 more words


Starting The Voyage North

Stage: Planning
Days: 454(ish)

While attending the New England LARP Conference (NELCO), I was able to see Claus Raasted presentation on Larp Tourism. Simply put larp tourism is traveling to another country to attend a larp you wouldn’t normally go it, using your vacation dollars. 324 more words


Ithronian Adventures #164 – The Burned Lady

Spring turns to Summer and the fresh greens of the season deepen in hue. The sun shines, the days lengthen, the time of blossom is soon to be over. 3,103 more words


Janowyn, the Elvish bard, on Lisa Burton Radio #RRBC

Welcome to another edition of Lisa Burton Radio. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl.

Today we’re talking with Janowyn, an Elvish bard from The River Kingdom. 1,817 more words


A Fistful of Nerf Darts

So Zedtown is a few days (At the time of writing) anticipation is high, though their social media currently seems flooded by people making “Is my blaster OK” jokes after… 498 more words


Gun Cabinet Finished (Sort of)

This is the cabinet portion of the Steampunk heavy machine gun.  I need to work on the gun sights, plumbing, legs/stand, and other details before I take the final photographs. 14 more words

LARPing ?? - Help Me Understand What it is!

Over the past few days I have been bombarded with LARP related posts in my G+ feed. What gives? I admit that I know nothing about LARPs or what sets one apart from another although they all look silly to me. 171 more words