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Video Game Inspirations for LARPs

There are many people who often compare LARPing to video games. This is not unexpected, as it’s very easy to compare a LARP like NERO to a video game like World of Warcraft: Get a bunch of people to play different class roles to kill NPCs and get loot, rinse and repeat. 436 more words

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"Execute Order 66."

So, I had an idea at the pub recently: Order 66: The LARP. There was a couple of chuckles and then we moved on with other terrible ideas. 586 more words

Let's Enjoy Hello Kitty LARPing Together!

I have been in Oita on a ferocious business trip, one day of which was meant to be spent watching fireworks in Beppu, only to have them rescheduled due to a typhoon that failed to deliver either any rain or any wind. 275 more words


Hez Jamil: historical reenactor

Everyone has a story. Hez Jamil has always enjoyed history, but it was thanks to Islington friends that he discovered that he really enjoyed being a 13th century mercenary fighter. 1,415 more words


On the way to Drachenfest- Day IV: Ready for takeoff

Aaaaand here we go!
Hello everyone!

In a few hours my mum will drive me over to a good friend and tomorrow we will be setting of to the Drachenfest. 179 more words


LARPing again

Sorry for the slow rate of posts recently folks we’ve been in LARP prep mode and getting ready for Empire.

We’ve had loads to do with getting all the camping gear ready, making big pots of food for the group to eat, shopping for new bits to replace those lost or broken and making sure all the important bits and bobs we needed were there.   489 more words

On the Way to Drachenfest- Day III: Aprons, cookies, cold and other stuff

Hi again!

The third day of preparation for the Drachenfest is nearly over for my little Monster an me. And in contrast to yesterday, I was productive! 184 more words