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My Friend Fancies You - Gaming Romance

So I’m back from Peaky, the game writing weekend, after a few hours on site. I left at breakfast on the first full day, with a full refund and a lift to a train station, but still pretty dejected and out of pocket through trains. 5,176 more words

Uninteresting To Others Whitterings About My Life

Dressing Appropriately – LARP Kit for summer

The year has turned back towards summer and whilst you may no longer need to wear lots of layers and adventure bundled in cloaks and scarfs, preparations should be made to ensure your kit is appropriate for the season. 2,188 more words


A Photo of the Masquerade

Moritz Jendral took this lovely photo of our Group of Characters, with me right at the centre. It is the first one I have of the… 30 more words


Trial & Error

I also recently made these two bags out of scraps left over from Tessa’s cloak.  Unfortunately, I don’t really care for either of them.  I believe the patterns are supposed to look rustic when it is finished, and I think they are supposed to be made from a material that does not fray.   331 more words


The Beginning

Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. This is it. It shouldn’t be so hard. I’ve started a blog before. But it still feels like I’m standing in an empty room with a stack of manilla envelopes in front of me. 189 more words


In the grove of rememberance

Elrian Tirithiën.

Photo taken by Daniel Schmitt at Elbenwinter 2015.