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Ithronian Adventures #178 - The Halls of Darius

The Collector seeks his prize – the tablet hidden in the valley ruled by the Vampires. Requesting aid from adventurers he sends them back into the valley with the strict instruction that the tablet belongs to him. 1,124 more words


50-28 - Like a Birthday or a Pretty View

High school was a time for friends and music and concerts. I still feel the ramifications of standing too close to a speaker in a closed building listening to The Stray Cats. 328 more words


Finally- Accomplishment!

I did it! I finally finished something! Okay, I finally did something that will let me finish. Close enough.

I did a massive clean-out of upstairs. 243 more words

Ithronian Adventures #177 - The Pit of Dun Mhurdo

Adventurers have a habit of going into dangerous places. Places that perhaps they would be better off not exploring. But sometimes venturing into these dangerous places can uncover growing threats, sweet loot or just a heart stopping, rip-roaring epic of an adventure. 2,860 more words


The Atropos Project (LARP) "Measure Once Live Twice"

Well, this sounds kind of cool… Are you interested in helping someone local create “Shadowun Go”? If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the… 1,166 more words


'Put love into everything you do.'

Raquel Skellington’s involvement with CosPlay and  Live Action Role Play (LARPing) as lead her to modelling.  She is based in New York, USA.

I began cosplaying when I was 13, and I’d heard of LARPing here and there. 979 more words


A conversation with Oswindo Valkirin

A conversation with Novitas member Steve Giles (Oswindo Valkirin) at the BC Adopt-A-Park 1st Annual Medieval LARP event in Otsiningo Park, Broome County.