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Ithronian Adventures #176 - A gesture full of hope

The seasons are turning, some leaves on the trees turning from summer green to autumnal golden hues. Mornings are shrouded in mist, and the mellowing season brings a mellowing of ideas. 2,583 more words


Run. Fight. Hide

Today in the lunch room I was trying to explain L.A.R.P to my collegues. It didn’t go over too well. Hopefully I do a better job here and you all don’t think I need to be medicated. 428 more words

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Roleplayers, Assemble! - The Moment I Became An Expert Larper

(tw: hate speech)

Here’s the scene. Downfall 2016, the national event for the flagship branch of the Dystopia Rising boffer larp, held during the early fall months every year. 561 more words

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Ithronian Adventures #175 - Sybila, the Nurturing Mother of the Flock

There are many hidden nooks and crannies in Berwickshire, pockets of a world long lost to time; where all manner of things are awry. Into one of these forgotten places our heroes go, to a place where the Seven hold no sway and evil walks openly amongst mortals. 1,139 more words


LARPBook Show Episode 43: "Listening Out For Pizza"

In this episode Thom is hoping he can save a pizza delivery from a ravenous dog, EmmyLou returns to playing larp and Rob has another one of his theories… 496 more words


A preposterous prevelance of piratical pontificating

We preface this latest entry by noting that the title is otherwise known as my attempt to write alliteration like Stan Lee, whoever’s work Stan Lee is taking the credit for, or that celebrated theatrical impresario… 692 more words


Larp Land journal.

I am apart of a Larp hosted by Larp Land here is my journal entry for my character Audin Audric. He is a human healer I will make a separate post with his back story and stats. 534 more words