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Hail Folkestone

Queen Meg commissioned this piece back in the day when the Folkestone line appeared more black than blue, but it still rings true!

Their battle line of black will lay you flat upon your back… 313 more words


The Balance Between Fun and Responsibility

Last week was a busy and exhausting week. My natural tendency to pull away from people showed itself, and yet I pushed through it to be social. 466 more words

Everyday Normalcy

2015 LARP Awards Review and Galleries

This year I managed to attend the 2015 Larp awards and Larp Awareness Party in Leicester. My one word review in the LARPBook Podcast was  “Wonderful” 550 more words


The fashionable noble - making a Tudor-style doublet

Over the last few months I have shown how to make the Tudor shirt (plus a couple of variants) from Simplicity’s #4059 Renaissance Man costume… 1,778 more words


Lov na Zagorkino blago u Zagrebu i konvencija PoRtaL3

Dragi igrači i igračice,

drago nam je da vas možemo pozvati na proslavu ovogodišnje, 142. obljetnice rođenja Marije Jurić Zagorke, spisateljice koja je svojim djelovanjem inspirirala mnoge, pa i nas – za osmišljavanje i organiziranje larpa “Astra”. 341 more words


The Evan Makeba Podcast Episode 8: 50 Shades of LARP (Featuring Persephone from Persephone's Bed and Cpt Tripps)

omifukengoshIlovecoffeewithchocolatespread!! Itsthefuckenbest!

More aspie rage, this time on twitch against mods, could 50 shades be looking for an new Mr Grey while I compare my aspie self with PERSEPHONE  and I consider LARPing with Captain Tripps! 338 more words

3 games night

At January 31st Mark Harding organized another night of games with three different games: The Trench, The Forgotten, and The Tribunal. The fist game we played was The Tribunal and then The Forgotten and The Trench were played simultaneously. 857 more words