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The Guy Who LARPed, Part 2

(Continuation of The Guy Who LARPed )

The second time I went out with the LARPer (because oh yes, there was a second date), he showed up wearing what can only be described as shower shoes. 512 more words

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When is the Last Time you Gamed?

When is the Last Time you Gamed?

For me it is the better part of a year, and that is despite the fact that I have purchased several new gaming books including ones for the TV show Supernatural and the book series Monster Hunter International. 811 more words


One of these days...

Hi everyone,

today is one of these days where I actually do nothing. They happen now and again, and are quite healthy in my opinion. I had a nice weekend, although it was really exhausting. 392 more words


Broken, Beaten and Scarred - Spring Equinox (E2 2015)

Well I’d normally do a “Hots & Nots” on Facebook but as I have this ‘ere blog and I did mention about going I thought i’d mention it here. 575 more words

The Single Player LARP - 2 Game Ideas

In a recent episode of the LARPBook podcast we were asked to help a listener who on running low on podcasts to listen to was concerned that that he / she may have to interact with people on a regular journey of several hours long. 577 more words


I’m in a field. My buffer is not quite full enough for there to be a post this week.

Theatre LARPS: The Prime Directive        

I recently ran a playtest of my new game, ‘The Prime Directive’, with help from Mo Holkar. Having rashly promised in an earlier post to ‘let you know how it goes’, I feel duty bound to do so – and fortunately, it went quite well. 1,989 more words