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Judith's Winter Tunic

With winter well and truly bearing down on us – who else had to scrape the car these last few weeks? – the woods have been beautifully atmospheric and begging to be photographed during LARP days. 558 more words


Tips and Tricks for Staying In-Character While LARPing

It’s the year 1017 and you’ve ventured your way to a far off land looking for help fending off a Goblin insurgency. You’ve got your armor on and you’re feeling like a badass warrior that doesn’t want to “take no crap” from anybody. 1,106 more words


Thank you

Thank you projects that went out last week to people who helped us out recently.

First a pair of bracers emblazoned with group heraldry for Empire… 53 more words

Episode 24 (Part 2) – Armagnac, Strudel, Munchausen, James Wallis & a Few Other Friends


Here’s the second and final part of your evening with James Wallis.

As promised you will hear James’ theory that Nordic LARP is actually a Galaxy Quest kinda situation, as well as a few other things. 649 more words


Under the Doomsday Moon


It’s that time of the year! When the weather reminds us that fall doesn’t exist, finals creep up on college kids, and holiday vacations are around the corner. 2,142 more words


Bottle Cover

A weekend at a larp and a new bottle require a new bottle cover. The new bottle was a lot larger than previous bottles and would not work for it’s intended purpose. 182 more words