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How To Write A Killer Hook

I was having a conversation about creating a killer hook with my writing coach and friend, critically acclaimed author Larry Brooks, and it got me thinking about how others could benefit from his advice. 1,374 more words


Kings Grow Tired of Sutter

by Doud

NY Post: 

Slap Shots has been told by two sources that the Kings locked the door to their locker room following a defeat on the road within the last two weeks so that Sutter could not get in and deliver what the players apparently expected to be another in a series of lectures/tirades. 245 more words

Interview with Bestselling Author Larry Brooks!

It’s no secret that today’s guest is my favorite author. In my opinion, he’s written two of the best craft books ever written — Story Engineering and Story Physics.  2,644 more words


The Power of Storytelling

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am reading The Seventh Thunder by Larry Brooks. I don’t normally discuss the books I read because I’ve geared this blog more toward crime related topics and not book reviews. 1,605 more words

Novel Writing

The first sentence.

My first literature teacher once told me, in a novel, every single word has the purpose to move the plot forward. This is specially true in the first sentence, or paragraph, of a book, because it has an additional purpose. 1,401 more words

Larry Brooks

I'm Sick Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

No, I haven’t read the book or seen the movie. But pretty much wherever I turn, someone is commenting or writing about it. I’ve ignored most of the blog posts and comments. 946 more words


There is Movement

Depending on where you are today, you might think it funny that I’m calling this a heatwave:

But all last week, we had to deal with ‘high temps’ of 9 degrees or so. 377 more words