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BamBam finishes work on Army of One

James shared, via Twitter, that he’d finished work on the satirical comedy Army of One starring Nicolas Cage and Russell Brand today. Directed by Seinfeld’s Larry Charles, it’s the story of Gary Faulkner’s quest to single handedly take down Osama Bin Laden and al Queda in Pakistan armed only with a sword. 87 more words

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I had seen this before and it had previously annoyed me. I didn’t like the way Bill Maher was as adamant that there is no God as the fundies interviewed in the show. 832 more words


NBC Censors Nixed At Least Two Politically Incorrect 'Seinfeld' Episodes

It’s been 17 years since Seinfeld ended its run, and there are still things about the series lore that some of us don’t already know. Last year, via a… 416 more words


Larry Charles Sells Quirky Colonial in Bel-Air Compound

One of Hollywood’s most outspoken iconoclasts, Larry Charles, has sold his quirky, two-parcel estate in Bel-Air’s swanky Stone Canyon in two separate but contiguous transactions to the same buyer for a total of $3.6 million. 312 more words

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PressTV: Truth? We don’t need no stinkin’ truth, by Paul Craig Roberts

Mon Feb 9, 2015 10:19AM

The Boston Bombing and the Charlie Hebdo attack have many characteristics of false flag attacks.


By DR PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS… 5,866 more words


Borat - 2006

I can still remember very clearly the time “Borat” came out, mainly because everyone that I seemed to interact with was talking about. The posters were everywhere, it was in the news, the hype was enormous. 509 more words


Nicolas Cage Signs On For Army Of One

Nicolas Cage has signed on for the comedy movie Army of One.

Though Nicolas Cage starring in a movie has not been a sign of quality for some years, this one actually sounds like it could be good. 62 more words

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