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Larry David - Curb Your Enthusiasm - Episode "Personal Religion."

Larry David – Curb Your Enthusiasm – Episode “Personal Religion.”



Inside Larry’s Prius the music is cranked up on his stereo. 4,348 more words

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Making the Cultural Well Deep, not Broad

This is a bit of an addendum to my rambling last week about worldbuilding, and something that I wanted to touch on then but found myself going higher and higher over what I wanted my word count to be. 2,429 more words


'Other People' Filmmaker and New 'SNL' Head Writer Chris Kelly on Working With Molly Shannon, Larry David

Chris Kelly is having a big week; he’s starting up his sixth season on “Saturday Night Live,” having just been named co-head-writer with Sarah Schneider – the pair is responsible for the Larry David-as-Bernie-Sanders sketches that highlighted last season, including the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” hybrid “Bern Your Enthusiasm.” And this Friday, his feature film debut as writer-director, “Other People,” hits theaters. 1,045 more words


Rewatching Last Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Partially because it is one of the few shows that son R and I both like, and partially because another season has been announced, I started rewatching Curb Your Enthusiasm last night, getting through the first two episodes of the final season. 36 more words

Despite our collectively best efforts to deconstruct every aspect of Seinfeld, for many years my personal Waterloo with the show existed in the form of a shelf in Jerry’s apartment. 379 more words