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Calvin Johnson is only 3/4 done

All available signs indicate that Calvin Johnson’s NFL career is over. He’s borne a heavy burden for the Detroit Lions for nine seasons, during which he has performed at historically great levels, although injuries have limited his (still above-average) production in recent seasons. 437 more words


Larry Fitzgerald and a little kid's praise

I’ve mentioned before that Larry Fitzgerald likes to tackle for fun. With that in mind, I’m gonna just leave this here.

A little boy was impressed with…

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Peyton's place wasn't with Cardinals

Peyton Manning insists he hasn’t decided whether he will retire after the Super Bowl despite whatever he whispered to Bill Belichick. The Broncos quarterback doesn’t have the same arm he once did — he admitted it hasn’t been the same since his neck injury a few years ago — and to this, everybody nods their heads already having seen it on the field. 443 more words


Blandino doesn't anticipate major changes to catch rule

The NFL has convened a committee to explore possible changes to the catch rule. The NFL’s V.P. of officiating anticipates that no major changes will be made. 313 more words

Rumor Mill

All In The Cards: The Top Ten Moments From An Amazing Cardinals Season

IMPORTANT NOTE: Thank you all for your support this season! Even the though the playing season is over, I will still be covering the Arizona Cardinals during the offseason so look forward to more content to come.  1,855 more words

Quinn Saturday

An Ode to Fitzy's Ode

Who doesn’t love a good trivial bar conversation with friends? One of my personal all time favorites is trying to come up with popular athletes that established themselves in Arizona (and then of course arguing about the best one). 633 more words

Of seven Cards' Pro Bowlers, only two to play

The Cardinals had a long season with a crushing ending, and so, with the Pro Bowl coming Sunday only a week after the team’s NFC Championship loss, perhaps it shouldn’t be very surprising that most of… 151 more words