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A Short List of Miami Art Week Events

Miami Art Week gets a bad rap for being a nonstop rager, what with the Cristal, the caviar and the unicorn rides (trust me, Peter Brant can make that happen). 954 more words

Jeff Koons' Masterpiece Theatre at Gagosian

Jeff Koons invites you to get up close and personal with his favorite masterpieces in his new show at Gagosian’s West 21st Street gallery.

The… 536 more words

Homeland Graffiti Reads 'Homeland Is Racist,' Gagosian & Deitch's Unrealism, and More

Graffiti on Homeland set reads “Homeland is racist.” Whoops. Guess someone who reads Arabic should have been on hand.

Speaking of sets, “Empire” is essentially a tour… 90 more words

Larry Gagosian Sells Carriage House for $18 Million

Famed art dealer Larry Gagosian once said that if he weren’t dealing art, “ probably be in real estate.” We don’t doubt it: Mr. Gagosian’s real estate deals have… 334 more words

David Hockney to Show Larry Gagosian Portrait, Auction Terms Explained, and More

David Hockney to show 75 new portraits next year in London. The show at the Royal Academy of Arts features portraits of friends and associates of Mr. 165 more words

An Art Fair, Courtesy of Paul Allen, Premieres in Seattle

The art world will descend on the Emerald City on July 30 for Seattle’s first large-scale art fair in years.

You could almost see this as the city’s first major fair ever, because it has such an eye-opening pedigree: The 2015 Seattle Art Fair is the brainchild of Microsoft co-founder, chairman of Vulcan Inc. 1,170 more words

Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You, LA's Still a Dystopian Wasteland: LA Times

It’s been a long 18 months in terms of wrangling over whether or not Los Angeles is a place comparably hospitable to artists. The debate caught fire last February, when… 285 more words