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And still we save dogs!

Well done, Larry Osborne!

On Thursday I published a post entitled And We Save Dogs.

Then yesterday, I read this piece as seen on the Care2 site… 914 more words

Animal Rescue

You can't do the business of the Lord until you learn to become the family of the Lord.

Love this short (4 1/2 minute) video from Larry Osborne on unity among elders/pastors. We are indeed Better Together but how do we live this out as as leaders? 15 more words


Quote of the Day | 03.06.17

The best way to find new leaders is to ask for recommendations. The worst way is to ask for volunteers.

  • Larry Osborne

Quote of the Day | 03.03.17a

Those who are constantly negative or whiny end up alone. Those who demand too much attention get ignored.

  • Larry Osborne

Quote of the Day | 02.27.17

Every organization eventually becomes a direct reflection of its leadership, whether for good or for bad.

  • Bobb Biehl

Quote of the Day | 02.24.17

Training is usually more effective when it’s dripped in over the long haul rather than dumped out all at once.

  • Larry Osborne

Quote of the Day | 02.22.17

It does no good to ignore it, and even less good to rail against it. It’s a reality we have to deal with.

  • Larry Osborne