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The need for tension/conflict on management teams

Pushback and hard questions are important parts of the innovation process. They derail our dumb ideas. They refine our great ideas. They turn good ideas into great ideas. 22 more words


"many leadership teams confuse mission with..." (excerpt from Larry Osborne)

“Many leadership teams confuse mission with marketing. They fail to understand the difference between the two. Their mission statements sound like they come out of the marketing department. 169 more words


for organization leaders---a quote from Larry Osborne

“the policies down the hall always trump the vision on the wall”

Larry Osborne


While Mars Hill Church shepherds fleeced their flocks by night....

A blessed Christmas to all!

Two thousand years ago, shepherds were tending to their sheep on a winter’s night. Today the world celebrates that night – the night when the God of glory descended to earth as a baby. 362 more words

"I am Spartacus!" Let us stand together to end the Mars Hill Church abuse redemptively.

In a pivotal moment in the movie Spartacus, all the slaves stood up one by one, and each declared that they were Spartacus.  It is time for members, ex-members and donors of Mars Hill Church to rise and call for a just and righteous dissolution of the church. 749 more words

First Church of Joy

I’ve already mentioned the church I grew up in. It was an Assembly of God in a small town. It was my normal with nothing to compare it to because I basically never went anywhere else even though in my little village of 250 we also had a Methodist, Christian and Catholic church.   1,714 more words