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Thriving in Babylon

One pastor’s book title perfectly captures our opportunity and goal

Larry Osborne is a pastor from Oceanside, California, that I’ve known since the late 1980s. He has led a solid church ministry in northern San Diego County, but it is his books that have really challenged me, especially the titles. 977 more words

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What if, rather than trying to silence those we strongly disagreed with, we’d let them have their say, secure in the knowledge that truth has nothing to fear? 78 more words

Larry Osborne


Daniel’s wisdom was rooted in the fear of the Lord. He knew that God was not to be messed with. Only a fool spits into the wind. 377 more words

Larry Osborne

Isolating or infiltrating?

Are you seeking to isolate yourself from sinful people, leaders, organizations, or are you seeking to infiltrate their ranks, to be so much of a blessing they can’t help but take notice?

Larry Osborne

The need for tension/conflict on management teams

Pushback and hard questions are important parts of the innovation process. They derail our dumb ideas. They refine our great ideas. They turn good ideas into great ideas. 22 more words


"many leadership teams confuse mission with..." (excerpt from Larry Osborne)

“Many leadership teams confuse mission with marketing. They fail to understand the difference between the two. Their mission statements sound like they come out of the marketing department. 169 more words


for organization leaders---a quote from Larry Osborne

“the policies down the hall always trump the vision on the wall”

Larry Osborne