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Info & Stats:  Bleacher Report Writer

All Topics: His piece on Lawrence Phillips | His cover story on Lawrence Phillips 20 years ago | First meeting Lawrence in Lincoln | Lawrence’s childhood | Lawrence having a high IQ | There was no gray area with Lawrence | Lawrence being haunted by his childhood demons | His mother abandoning him | Lawrence – Scott Frost story | Lawrence’s supporters | Story at the park involving Lawrence | Lawrence going to jail | Phillips being moved to Damion Soward’s cell | Phillips side says it was self-defense | Doesn’t guess that Phillips will be charged in Soward’s death | Could have Nebraska dealt with Phillips differently? 31 more words


The Domino Lady Does the Depression

Even for softporn it’s pretty tame stuff:

“A nightgown of sheerest, green silk was but scant concealment for her gorgeous figure. A chastely-rounded body and a slender waist served to accentuate the seductive softness of her hips and sloping contours of her slim thighs, while skin like the bloom on a peach glowed rosily in the reflected sunlight.” 1,010 more words

Did Carlisle Play Albright College in 1907?

I awoke this morning to find a question from Johnny Dunn in my email inbox:

I was just wondering if Carlisle played Albright in 1907. In Kate Buford’s… 283 more words

Carlisle Indian School

Dodgers find Solis in sixth tie

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By Jon Weisman

With the Dodgers about to play four games in the next two days in two different states, the team emptied its bench and then some today, with a number of minor-leaguers receiving their first (or nearly first) action ever playing for the big-league Dodgers. 208 more words

Spring Training

Featured Vid #15 - Lars Anderson Archery

For the 14th featured video of the day, I’ve picked larsanderson23’s

Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

As someone who has tried archery, the age-old sport of shooting bow and arrows, I have to say that it’s pretty hard. 210 more words


Practical archery

With the new day, all is better. Thank you to the people who left kind comments overnight. I am fetching my daughter from her grandparents today. 101 more words

Navel Gazing