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Toxic History, Chapter 14: Speechless

By Glen and Julie

The Airborne Toxic Event rode into 2009 on a wave of promise. Propelled by an unlikely hit single, widespread accolades for their first album and ever-growing hype around their live show, it seemed nothing could stop them. 1,534 more words

Airborne Toxic Event

Keep calm - keep teaching

I was silent on the blog these two weeks and for a good reason. I was busy teaching at an elementary school. Oh boy…

I was very nervous at first, but now I feel more confident in my skills as a teacher. 491 more words

Personal And Domestic


A funny thing happened on the way to Mother’s Day. Well, a couple of funny things, really. A May snowstorm and Nana is speechless.

For the second year in a row, we had a snowstorm on Mother’s Day. 663 more words


Laryngitis and whiteboards

My dad have got Laryngitis, witch is an inflammation on the vocal cords, for the second time this year. So this time we have gotten him his own little whiteboard. 33 more words


Laryngitis, or a Moment of Silence

What would the world be like if, for a week, we all suffered from laryngitis? It would take much more effort to talk and be much more painful to say hurtful things. 56 more words


How to call in sick to work

Hey friends!

A few weeks ago I was ill. Ugh, it was rotten and I’m still coughing away! When will it end? Unfortunately, a few Fridays ago I was too ill to go to work because my face had ballooned due to blocked sinuses and the cold, swallowing felt like razor blades scraping my throat and I had lost my voice thanks to laryngitis. 542 more words


Na Na Na Na Na...

The best thing about today? “Miss, you really sound like Batman.”

The Crumpett Files