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The Lung Cleansing Benefits of Lobelia

Uses of Lobelia

Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) is an attractive annual or biennial considered to be one of the most valuable herbal remedies ever discovered, according to Potter’s Encyclopedia of Botanical Drugs and Preparations. 249 more words

Biological Medicine

Laryngitis: Ten for Today

I’ve got laryngitis. You know, when you lose your voice. I’ve lost my voice. Not my speaking voice but my writing voice. You see, after droning on all day in the land of copywriting, pounding keys to the sounds of an empty drum, plucking at mind-numbing formulas, headings, subheading, bullets, numbers, and (watch my Oxford comma there) italicized catchphrases til my brain seeps out of my left ear when I pause to blink, sigh, and rest my left cheek on my left hand knuckles, I can’t write a word. 124 more words


Basso profundo

I just said something out loud and scared myself. My voice is back. Way down low. It had been gone since the week of Christmas, when some Typhoid Mary (now there’s a nickname, though none of the earnest young breeders in my hetero’d neighborhood would understand) gave everyone at the xmas party the flu. 130 more words

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Orchid Watch

At my Mother’s death in October 2015, I was given 2 Orchids. I don’t like Orchids. One came from a loved neighbour, and the other my estranged Uncle. 741 more words


A few years ago I went to get my hearing checked. The doctor briefly looked at my ears, which were fine, then arrogantly went on to say, “Your nasal passages are partially blocked, but I guess you’ve learned to live with that.” Did I need to hear his negative report? 902 more words


Natural Medicines For Hoarseness

Hoarseness is not a sickness. It is the symptoms of different conditions and issues, for example, laryngitis, chilly, and strep throat. Some different conditions including smoking, acid reflux, and tumor of larynx likewise prompt to roughness in voice. 279 more words

Herbal Cures

George has laryngitis

George has the laryngitis
He cannot speak a word
And George he likes to talk a lot
It’s always him who’s heard

But for the next few days at least… 70 more words