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Hey y’all…. so I’m sick. Again. With laryngitis. I’m coughing like crazy, and my head is throbbing..
I went to school today, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. 151 more words

Losing my voice

“Brian, you really need to stop talking.”

John was right, of course, as had been all the others before him. The cold-that-had-become-bronchitis had shredded my voice and left me only a raspy whisper, and staying silent was good advice. 920 more words

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A laughter silenced,
A voice borne away, withered
In whispered nothings.


Installation (Haiku 4: Car, pendulum, bougainvillea, interactive art)

Callaghan woke me up 25 minutes after the alarm should have gone off this morning. The alarm – my phone – failed to function one time before, and I couldn’t figure out why since I… 244 more words


Checking in

This past two weeks have been busy, busy, busy, and in the middle of it all the cold I thought I was getting over, got worse.   602 more words


My spring break.

Hello people,

I had a break from school last week. I’m calling it spring break now but it’s not like the ‘American’ Spring Break. It’s just that spring break would be the rough translation of the name we use here. 526 more words


Is Valentine's Day Dead?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day I went on Facebook sabbatical!

Well, not because of Valentine’s Day (I take a month off social media–wait? Does WordPress count as “social” media?–every once in a while. 146 more words