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Poke Sallet/ Salad- The Poisonous Plant you can still eat!

It’s Undoubtedly Poisonous

polk salad, polk salat and polk sallet is the name of the popular dish made with the tender leaves of the Pokeweed plant aka poke, pokebush, pokeberry and pokeroot Root. 411 more words


A Rerun Run Run

I was planning on posting a video today but I didn’t like the way that I sounded. Each spring I lose my voice because…I really have no clue. 290 more words


July 15, 2006 - Mystery throat spray

Half way through the day my voice gave out, which is a pretty big problem for an English teacher. On my dinner break I went to a nearby convenience store looking for something to help. 187 more words

Life In Japan

Say good bye to Laryngitis with the power of nature at Miric Biotech Limited

Do you fall ill quite often? Do you catch flu easily? Miric biotech answer to these questions is poor functioning of your immune system. The immune system is a defense system of our body that fights the harmful invaders like bacteria, virus etc. 389 more words

Miric Bio Tech


I lost my voice
For a week two months ago.
With only the ability to rasp
And whisper,
I survived the week
And asked for consideration. 101 more words


cough, taste, laryngitis, thyroid

They all involve the throat, remember that!

Five weeks ago, my darling husband comes home with that violent cough he had 20-years ago. Scarrrry! I’m told pollen count this winter should be around 18 but this warm winter it is well over 1000! 301 more words

Young Living


Definition: Upper respiratory tract infections

  • Tonsilitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, epiglottitis, laryngitis

Risk factors:

  • Contact: overcrowding, school, daycare, travel, congregations
  • Immunity, nutrition, age, smoking, immune status

Aetiology: 35 more words