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Speechless: What silence will teach you

I have no words. I’ve lost my voice. I can barely speak at a whisper, and last night I discovered that me straining to speak at a whisper is doing more harm than good. 579 more words


San Diego Crew Classic

I have laryngitis. I think it’s a mental response to my physical state. I’ve been boated in the second four.

I love the girls in that boat. 112 more words

A Happy Person's Response to an Un-Ideal Situation

Today’s post on my writer’s facebook page:

This is me willing my voice to be strong and dynamic come showtime. This is me doing a metaphorical shout-out to whatever mythological god is in charge of creative surges and vocal wellness, in hopes that they will anoint me with the magical powers bestowed upon them. 451 more words


February Update: Laryngitis, School, Relationships

Hi there!

I’ve been gone for a bit, and that’s because the semester came to an end, the holidays happened, the semester started back up again, I got into a relationship, and I got sick. 337 more words


Is No News Good News?

Are you the kind of person who needs to know, right now? I always thought I was that kind of person, well I did until recently. 1,176 more words


Banned: The phrase "penny for your thoughts"

Today marks the fifth day since my voice died. For the past week, I have had laryngitis and I have been unable to even peep a word. 439 more words