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Yoga Pose for Laryngitis


Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

How to do it?

  • First lie on your back .
  • lift your chest up such that your head is also lifted…
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Mudra for Laryngitis

Prithvi Mudra

How to do it?

join the tip of Ring finger with the tip of Thumb finger


For best results do it 15 – 30 minutes


I'm the love child of Groot and the Cookie Monster

I’m not kidding. This is serious stuff. I’m busy checking my family tree that seemed to be uprooted by the latest splurge of hurricanes ruining countries globally… 524 more words


5 Acupressure point for Laryngitis

GV 26


Midway between the nose and the upper lip.

GB 20


Below the base of the skull (below the hollows on both sides) 73 more words


Voiceless voice

Lying in my bed, computer in my lap, a headache that doesn’t get the hint it’s not wanted, a cold that is just as ignorant, and with absolutely no note in my throat you can imagine I have found myself with some extra time. 239 more words


First My Ankle, Now My Voice

I wake up this fine, sunny morning with no voice. The sore throat hit Thursday night. Now it’s laryngitis. Great. Of course I was going to shoot a cooking video today… 76 more words


Summer cold

Colds are miserable to have any time, but a summer cold is the worst and a first for me.  I am just recovering from a doozy that lasted almost two weeks.   73 more words