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God's Voice

How easy it is to take things for granted until, suddenly, they disappear—jobs, friends, health, finances, and on and on. Not long ago, I experienced this firsthand as laryngitis ravaged my throat and I lost the ability to talk. 864 more words


Sightseeing While Sick

Today’s our first real big sightseeing day, and what happens? I wake up with a barely there voice.  I find it hard to talk, and I have a sore throat. 75 more words


Ring a Ring o' Roses

Lulu started primary school last week, she was very excited and literally ran there on day one and two, on day three it wasn’t such a happy tale. 610 more words


Kenapa suara bisa hilang?

Halo Bee Lovers setelah sekian lama tidak bertemu, pasti lu semua sudah kangen sama beta si kece dari BeeLearn. Maaf ya, karena kesibukan beta dan Ryan akhirnya baru sekarang bisa upload artikel baru. 1,101 more words


Sprouts Voice Remedy For Hoarseness Laryngitis and Expectorant The

Virus infection is the most common kind to produced laryngitis. It may also be produced by a bacterial infection or a common cold , bronchitis , flu , or pneumonia. 249 more words

My Recent Trip To The UK: Overview & Voice Repair Case Studies

I have just recently returned from my quick and somewhat short, but very impactful, trip from London.

Within only a little bit more than a week’s period of time, I was able to provide my four UK clients with my… 1,047 more words

 Homeopathy For Cough

COUGH is a most common disease which every homeopath deals with day to day. Sometimes it is difficult to understand and treat. Many times, we see patients in our practice and keep trying various medicines, but what is important is to find the right similimum. 2,137 more words