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Mute mode.

Experiencing a new first just now in the form of severe viral laryngitis for which there is apparently no treatment except waiting for your voice to come back. 211 more words


Icky Sickies

The kids have all been taking turns with laryngitis.  Jehu got it two weeks ago.  I thought it was the best disease ever.  He just sat quietly in his desk and did his school work.   339 more words

Jael Bait

A Quick Parody

♪♫ Hello laryngitis, my old friend
I can’t talk at all again
Because a virus softly creeping
Left it’s seeds while I was sleeping
And the virus that was planted… 10 more words

The Crumpett Files

Day 103 - January 11th - Some more time

Last night my bed fell apart! The slating underneath came away in one corner so that my mattress wasn’t supported, which was something of a shock. 327 more words

Wye The Flute?

How Many Chemicals?

The shrink upped my Concerta XL (Ritalin) prescription from 36mg to 54mg a day.

For a few weeks this shall entail two pills a day compromising a 36mg tablet alongside an 18mg tablet. 122 more words

Morf's Story