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No pill for what I fear

Welp, I suppose you could say the sing-n-pound aspect of this derpy space has come to an end…. (MOSTLY).

In order to use the iPad without running amok with its speakers, I had to modulate my voice. 272 more words

We Are Feminism (and So Can You!)

Voice Rest & a Cheeky Opportunity

I am a singer, vocal coach, receptionist and new business contact and therefore regarded as a ‘high-level voice user’.

I use my voice for approximately 12 hours per day and this level of continuous use has recently been causing me some great vocal difficulty. 263 more words

Laryngitis During Show Week?!

I very rarely lose my voice. The last time I had laryngitis was in 2014 when I went to Reading festival with my then-boyfriend. We saw Paramore and I screamed my head off for their entire set! 492 more words


Not even Lisa Loeb.

It’s been a minute since our last update. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding it, the posting. Sometimes it’s just easier not to talk, you know? 1,107 more words


Hey y’all…. so I’m sick. Again. With laryngitis. I’m coughing like crazy, and my head is throbbing..
I went to school today, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. 151 more words

Losing my voice

“Brian, you really need to stop talking.”

John was right, of course, as had been all the others before him. The cold-that-had-become-bronchitis had shredded my voice and left me only a raspy whisper, and staying silent was good advice. 920 more words

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A laughter silenced,
A voice borne away, withered
In whispered nothings.