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Two days after transiting the canal I left for Ecuador. One of my good friends was getting married so I found a cheap plane ticket and decided to go and be there for the wedding. 1,424 more words


weekend eats. (or, the one with all of the bars).

I know, I know…another post?  I did a lot of fun things last weekend and wanted to share them before another weekend is upon us. 567 more words


Before it really starts

It took a while to turn our apartment villa idea into a concept and into drawings. Especially to fit it into the slope of the lots, that gives each apartment undisturbed view over the water, beach, islands and rocks of the archipelago. 482 more words


Flying Las Perlas

Only 70 km out of Panama City, Panama, the Las Perlas Archipelago is easy to reach.

And seems to be a whole another world. Quiet, sunny, colorful, relaxing, See the many beaches and this is a very small part of this archipelago only. 101 more words


More about Las Perlas and our project

Let’s start with the masterplan for Isla Viveros. It is here.


This pdf document shows in the upper corner how the island is located only 80 km out of… 342 more words


Flying over Las Perlas Archipelago

To have a better impression what I am talking about, enjoy three short videos, flying over the Las Perlas Archipelago.

The first one (here… 244 more words


Back on track

A year ago, we announced that the silence is over and this blog will become busy again. Well. Life sometimes changes things, as it did in our case. 280 more words