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The first driverless bus on America’s public roads travels only 1000 feet

For a short three blocks in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, you can take a free ride on a self-driving bus.

The tiny, fully electric vehicle, called Arma, was developed by Paris-based driverless and electric technologies startup Navya.  386 more words

If you’ve been stuck in an airport because of delays recently, you already know how bad a highly automated society will be

We’re already in purgatory.

Last month, I wrote about Amazon’s new concept for a grocery store, Amazon Go, where you would be able to walk in, pick up what you want, and leave, as computers and sensors track you and your phone’s every move. 1,077 more words

Denise + Josh

When two super, duper expressive families unite in matrimony, don’t forget to bring the hankies. There were tears. Tears of joy, tears of love and lots of belly laughs.  235 more words

Wedding Photographer

Five years in, Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project is hardly any closer to being a real city

In 2012, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh cast a compelling vision: to create the most community-focused large city in the world. It would be anchored around his online shoe retailer’s… 1,038 more words

A new documentary about the complex relationship between Carrie Fisher and her mother airs in March

Actress Debbie Reynolds, best known for her starring role in Singin’ in the Rain, died today (Dec. 28) at age 84, a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher’s death. 344 more words

Sunset 16nov16

These Nevada skies are amazing!  Can’t wait to put all the work I’ve done here in Vegas together for a series :)