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Lasagna With a Kick

What’s better than a serving of piping hot lasagna straight outta the oven?

This recipe is a classic lasagna recipe with a hint of spice. I like my lasagna meatless, but if you need  you can always add ground meat to the sauce. 316 more words


Chicken Caesar Lasagna

I’m know I’ve been a bit lax on my recipe round up series but lately I’ve been cooking big meals and we’ve been eating off of the leftovers for quite some time. 278 more words


My Ramadan MadeEasy with National Foods

So a good fortnight has passed since Ramadan began. And while I promised myself, this year, I would stay away from food that makes me happy, and stick to a diet, I failed (so far anyway). 482 more words


Best Ever Traditional Lasagna

Lasagna is a classic Italian staple, right? Maybe not. The origins of lasagna are actually traced back to ancient Greece. Around 200 BC, the Romans conquered the Greek empire and quickly adopted Greece’s philosophy, religious, and educational practices, as well as its food and language. 455 more words


Mushroom, Hazelnut & Bacon Lasagne Recipe

So there are a few things I really like in life. I like Pasta. (See? I like it so much I capitalised it). And I like bacon. 735 more words