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Two nights, 16 meals

The problem with working irregularly is that sometimes it can really take up all of your time. Case in point: after a fairly easy run-up to Easter, I am now looking at 18-days-straight at work. 552 more words


Lasagne - gluten free

Lasagne is a traditional Italian food which has been a great favorite in our family for years. I haven’t made it for the past few years since I’ve been a bit suspicious of the tastiness of gluten free lasagne sheets. 527 more words


The Comfort of Lasagna Bolognese

Just like how I titled this recipe, lasagna is a very comforting food.  Each time I make lasagna, and it’s not often…I like to vary the ingredients, yet keep it as classic as possible. 337 more words


Quorn 'Meat' Lasagne

One of my favourite meals to make, especially on a Sunday night is my Roasted Vegetable Lasagne however having made this quite a few times, I decided to try something different! 769 more words


12th April, 2018: In Napoli

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman


Today’s dinner was a vegan mushroom lasagne. Part of the challenge of being vegan is finding replacement carbohydrates because lots of bread and pasta is made with a sneaky bit of milk or other dairy products. 543 more words

Kiwi Lasagne Recipe

Yesterday was a miserable day so we felt like making some comfort food. One of my favourite comfort foods is lasagne! Everyone has their own version of lasagne and here is ours (ours being my boyfriend and I). 359 more words


Vegan Lasagne

I was cleaning the cupboards when I saw a box of lasagne sheets. It has been a while since I made the dish that I forgot about that box. 325 more words

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