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Fusion: fatteh X lasagne

Fatteh is a middle-eastern dish incorporating flat bread, tomato sauce with meat and/or vegetables, topped with tahini sauce and toasted nuts.

So delicious, definitely leaves you wanting more. 541 more words


Klassieke Lasagne Bolognese

Genodigen aan De Tafel van Kim verzuchten regelmatig dat mijn man en kinderen het maar getroffen hebben met iemand die elke dag lekker en uitgebreid voor ze kookt. 802 more words


Day 5: #ChatterbyBlogmas. Mockmas is cancelled!!!

No, you’re not going crazy- this is my second Blogmas post of the day. I have been so poorly with Norovirus that I haven’t had an opportunity- in between running to the loo- to get Day 4 and 5 sorted! 353 more words


Vegan November feat. My sister

So last month, my sister Naomi decided to eat vegan for the entirety of November. I thought it might be interesting to ask her some questions for anyone wondering what it’s really like to switch diet, or anyone on the fence about the whole thing. 713 more words



The best type of blog involves food… right?

This week I was due to receive 2 new make up products from NYX range that I was looking forward to reviewing however my delivery has been delayed! 464 more words


Hot hot burnies hot

What’s the perfect dish for┬áthe humid first day of summer? Why lasagne, of course. Ha.

Cooking was a pretty traumatic affair today. I decided to do it in the afternoon so I could go for a swim and come back to a… 100 more words


Mushroom and Tarragon Lasagne

A rich and luxurious lasagne that’s ready in next to no time (as lasagne’s go).

For a creamier, whiter sauce go with button mushrooms, if it’s a deeper colour and robust flavours you want, chestnut’s yer mushroom. 256 more words

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