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Smart features for laser light designers

Smart features for laser light designers

Laser shows have always been spectacular eye-catcher at various events. Whether in single-color such as with laser projectors with green color laser output, or with more popular RGB show laser systems emitting the full visible color spectrum created by detailed combining the individual colors red, green and blue. 508 more words

Laser Show

Laser Razor Raises $4 Million, Gets Kicked Off Kickstarter For Maybe Not Existing

Hey, remember how a few years ago, Kickstarter changed their rules to require that all hardware projects funded through the platform actually exist in a working form? 330 more words

Camouflage Cyclops - XMEN

Sometimes no matter how hard you try paint just does not want to stick to some toys. Take for example this little cute Cyclops Xmen toy. 179 more words


Epic Battles In Spaaaaaaaaace

Epic Space Battles is a free rules add-on we’re releasing for The Singularity System designed to make space battles more epic. I mean this more literally than facetiously. 1,568 more words

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How To Buy the Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding is a welding technique by radiating laser beam to the surface of  processing workpieces and focalizing laser beam through optical system  in order to form a highly concentrated heat-affected zone in very short  time, where the cooling crystallization of welding zone becomes solid  welding spot and weld joint. 1,235 more words

Laser Welding

Dangerous Trend Continues As More Planes Are Hit With Laser Pointers

BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Planes from across the country are continuing to be hit with laser beams and it’s prompting officials to question why the dangerous trend is picking up across the country. 271 more words


Watch Where You Point That Laser

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – And you thought power point presentations were boring. Turns out they’re downright dangerous. Or at least that little laser pointer in the hand of the guy trying to make you care about his slide can be. 178 more words

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