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Les Croyants Diamond Pearl πŸ’ŽπŸ’₯

Les Croyants πŸ’Ž Pearl πŸ’₯

Les Croyants πŸ’Ž

Echoes through the quietest nights. Echoes with smooth and soft beats. Echoes; the sound of one of a kind diamond. 161 more words


Building IRIS: How a digital art masterpiece is made

The assembly of IRIS – a unique digital art installation, created using the latest in robotic and laser technology, took place this week at the Interactive Architecture Lab, UCL, where all the parts are finally coming together after several months of preparation. 444 more words

Alleged Sellers Of Magic Disease-Curing Laser Arrested, Indicted For Fraud

There are medical conditions that can be treated with lasers. Laser eye surgery is safe and commonplace, for example. Skin disorders and arthritis pain can be treated with lasers, too. 402 more words

Government Policy

Kuwait Cultural Centre - Fountain

Also known as the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre. It’s been open for the crowd. I visited the place to check out the fountain as my hub is a member of the engineering team for the fountain. 215 more words

Its Happening!

If I had just one wish...

People are always talking about new technology and how scary and futuristic it all seems. Like soon we are all going to be buzzing around in spaceships like the Jetsons (if any of you young’uns don’t know who they are, Google it). 694 more words


As Kiera advances[*] her stylish, world-class mom hat continues to adorn her entire persona. For Erin and me, Kiera’s bi-monthly (or so) visits are occasions for tea. 465 more words

Notes From The Apex