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At Night The Sky Falls: Exploding Laser Beams!

Tonight was all about laser beams. With a little effort I was able to figure out how to use the Line Renderer to create laser beams that emit from the Tesla coils and creates an explosion at the terminus. 66 more words


Lights that stops Cyclists being Scapegoats

From the sound of it, it looks like the Independent is attempting to give the Evening Standard a run for its money in its courage of cycling. 615 more words


Imagination at work

Want to learn about laser beams, the Nuclear-Powered jet engine, or “The King of the Tides”? These are some of the many topics General Electric (GE) covers on their blog. 33 more words

Frickin' Laser Beams

The future is here.

I remember playing video games as a kid (okay, who am I kidding; I remember playing them as recently as last week) and in just about every game, especially in the height of the Nintendo era, there was a hierarchy of weaponry. 638 more words


A Good Yarn

Oh, hai.

I hope your day has been going well.

Mom’s been working most of the day, so little c™ and I took to entertaining ourselves. 165 more words

Trace Heavens: Amazing Light Art by James Nizam

At first glance the light beams resemble lasers or perhaps a pretty cool security system in some random hi-tech movie. Well it’s actually an installation created by artist, James Nizam whose style of work is based on manipulating the form of homes and buildings on the brink of being demolished.  26 more words


Laser Hair Removal to Achieve Smooth Skin Effortlessly

The problem of excess hair can be resolved with laser hair removal. During this process, laser beams with high concentrations of light energy are directed at the designated areas. 579 more words