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Metal Mirrors are Crucial in Laser Technology

Laser beam technologies possess no formal method of maneuvering the beam on it’s own, and this is why metal mirrors are so crucial. These components direct the beam of light to the appropriate area, otherwise, the beam would bounce from object to object and quite possibly cut through materials. 12 more words

Laser Optics Solutions Set the Industry Standard

SPAWR Industries is a major supplier in laser optic solutions. Offering state-of-the-art mirrors that undoubtedly ensure a quality end product, these products are ideal for use in high power laser research. 28 more words

Precision Metal Mirrors Ensure a Project’s Success

Metal mirrors are the most crucial part of laser projects and technologies, whether they are used in government and scientific facilities in production or in research, or for university studies as well as the local laser engraving company.   19 more words

Copper Laser Optics Permeate Today’s Devices

Reflecting laser beams and directing it to the proper location is the mission of copper laser optics. Used in a wide array of laser technologies for study and production, laser optics are the most optimum solution to reflect beams of light. 23 more words

Art - Awkward School Pictures

Remember those awkward school photos in the 80’s?

Well, obviously my 8th/9th graders don’t, and as we were making these, a friend of mine gave me the idea to turn this surrealism lesson into the laser beam pictures, and thus, “Awkward School Pictures” was born.  35 more words

8th Grade

Hawaii search for 12 Marines impeded by weather, laser beams

HONOLULU — The ongoing search for 12 Marines who are missing after two helicopters crashed off Hawaii entered the third day with no plans Sunday … 9 more words