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Perro Loco!

This was the only time I questioned her insanity. Her head twitched as if it were spinning like a cartoon character. Her breathing was uneasy and her eyes had dilated into a crazed look. 1,502 more words

Winnipeg teen arrested for aiming a laser pointer at Air1

WINNIPEG- Police have charged a 16-year-old boy with mischief after the flight crew says a laser pointer was aimed into the cockpit of Air1.

The police helicopter was over Salter and Selkirk avenue Wednesday when the crew was ‘struck by a laser’ at least five times.   52 more words


High Intensity Beam Emission 5mW Green Laser Pointer

Whatever kind of presentation works, none of other hand operating tools such as sticker or your own finger is more efficient than 5mW green laser pointer. 382 more words

Easy Operation of Class IIIa Green Laser Pointer

What would you like to do to get super wonderful presentation result in those of high tech work fields? It is not an easy work while users are only keeping in mind of presentation work with a simple sticker or your own finger. 402 more words

Beam Focused 5mW Green Laser Pointer

When I get the recommendation of 5mW green laser pointer to make presentation, I would have to admit that this low power Class IIIa laser pointer is just bringing me the most charming and marvelous experience among all selectable laser device. 380 more words

How to Operate Green Laser Pointer Correctly

In current laser market, green laser pointer is the most popular presentation tool selected by laser lovers and amateurs. It makes sure of advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech, in quite long distance, both green laser beam and green light spot are highly bright and visible. 351 more words