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New Demo Video – LaserBridge Mark V – Wide Embroidery Applique on MultiHead Machine - Laser Cutting

New Demo Video – LaserBridge Mark V – Sample of wide Embroidery Applique on 6 Head Embroidery Machine – Applique laser cutting with Proel TSI LaserBridge Mark V

Company News


The idea behind my phenakistoscope, I want to represent,  in a blink of an eye thins can change. As the eye blinks, a petal bounces up and down, with a lady bug flying in the center. 60 more words


The Las Week Of November

Cooking still is my interest, but at the same time I’m quite lazy to try out some fancy recipes. Plus, eating up the food before going for a grocery shopping was my priority this week. 467 more words



working on final structure first, because I am stuck in coding. While I’m stuck might as well change up my schedule and go with production first, since I figured out measurements. 60 more words


Modular Typography Gallery Opening

My Typography class held a gallery for the Oct. 19th Art Walk in the Alfred, NY area at Alfred State’s Hinkle Library. It was called “Modular Typography: Type Face Design Experiments from the Alfred State Typography Research Lab”. 76 more words


Creating Prototype/Arduino

Hand Sketched_Scanned

Rhino 3D Modeling

Prototype_Laser cut

Figuring out Materials/distances for joinery/test cuts

Prototype_ Craft Plywood

Arduino_Arduino workshops_with Paul



writing codes.

*importance in Capitalizing letters and spacing