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Decorated Laser Cut Craft Shape 3D Santa's Sled

All of these 3D sleds are decorated by Sonia from www.facebook.com/soniashandmadecards  and they are absolutely stunning, Sonia does wonderful things with our products, she turns a boring piece of mdf into something so pretty and such lovely ideas, adorning with flowers and netting and making them sooo pretty.  32 more words


Wargames Tournaments is now one of our sponsors!

Wargames Tournaments Wargames Tournaments are a UK-based company that specialize in MDF terrain kits for 28mm and 10mm wargamers. They offer everything from ‘orky’ buildings and barricades to bases, vehicle add-ons, warp portals, crates, terrain bases, bridges, roads and telephone poles, plus ruined and intact city terrain. 60 more words


My free work

Eind april had ik niet genoeg materiaal voor een nieuwe designsheet dus nu een verzameling over 2 maanden van vrij werk. Komende maand ga ik meer doen met marmeren om dit vervolgens in grafisch werk te gebruiken en experimenteren met texturen in illustraties en patronen/dessins. 56 more words

Self Made

Beaded Ex-Voto Necklaces

I completed several beaded Ex-Voto necklaces this quarter. I decided to do necklaces this time versus the brooches from last quarter to give a little more variety and shape to my forms. 69 more words

Badge Progress

I’ve been working on the pilgrim badges this quarter and am up to 127 at the end of this quarter. My original goal was 100 but I think I’m going to need twice this many to make it look significant enough and not have people feel bad when they take them. 85 more words

Trunk Show Submissions

The annual jewelry trunk show is coming again and I have indeed been a busy bee. I submitted 49 things this time. Mostly earrings but a few brooches and a pendant too. 74 more words