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#MaggieManifesto Triptychs

I’ve been debating a couple of different ways to display my manifesto drawings. I think that I have finally settled on a suitable form for them to take on the wall and have excitedly started making the elements. 203 more words

Laser Cut Drawings

Norfolk Island Pine drawings I did with marker on paper inspired me to expand on the theme. I scanned the drawings and laser cut them onto wood. 14 more words

Personal Work

Take a Badge Leave a Wish

With the assistance of the laser cutter I am able to produce many iterations of the same design fairly quickly after the beginning stages of ideation and rendering. 451 more words

Personalized Ex-Voto number one

I finally assembled my first “Personalized Ex-Voto Enshrined” piece. I’ve had the bits and pieces everywhere for about a month and just finally decided how I wanted to finish it and got it done. 65 more words

Lasercut test tube rack

Just a quick and simple project. I wanted a way to hold test tubes, and while there’s a few designs online¬†already, none quite fit what I wanted.¬† 56 more words

Shape of things to come

Bonjour Cyberspace,

I am writing to announce a fresh comeback to the realm of the internet, as I will be using this website to publish documentation of my opus. 10 more words

Busy in between

Februari was een drukke maand, nieuwe baan en een mooie klus erbij, eigen werk deed ik tussendoor. Ik maakte een poster en heb daarvoor veel mooie landschapsbeelden van het net verzameld. 110 more words