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Creating Prototype/Arduino

Hand Sketched_Scanned

Rhino 3D Modeling

Prototype_Laser cut

Figuring out Materials/distances for joinery/test cuts

Prototype_ Craft Plywood

Arduino_Arduino workshops_with Paul



writing codes.

*importance in Capitalizing letters and spacing


Rhinoceros & the Fox

Rhinoceros (aka Rhino) – the name of one of the 3D programs that have become my enemy in the last few weeks. My first project for my Digital Fabrication & Design class is due tomorrow, so I spent several hours this morning cleaning up and finalizing my project files. 173 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: TooWheels, The Open Source Wheelchair

The Assistive Technology challenge of the Hackaday Prize received a large number of projects addressing many socially relevant problems. Mobility and transportation needs are a big challenge for those with limb disabilities. 276 more words

The Hackaday Prize

Pegboard Sharpie Holder CAD Design Timelapse

In the video below, I screen recorded the whole design process from start to finish. I crammed just over an hours work into 6 minutes. The whole design is parametric allowing me to change a set of variables to make the design fit other objects. 16 more words


Lasercut Lens Holder

Spent the weekend designing projects with slot and tabs using Fusion360.

I have this pegboard wall behind my desk and I have been designing things to mount to it with wall anchors. 68 more words


House of the Future

One day I was talking to my friend Morgane Keesling and I mentioned how I’ve been doing some commissioned models recently. To my surprise, she asked me to create a model for her! 288 more words


Lasercut Loveliness: Ian Penney's Filigree Collection

We have collaborated with paper artist Ian Penney to create the Filigree collection, an exquisitely dreamy quartet of lasercut Greeting Cards.

The Filigree collection… 103 more words

Roger La Borde