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Milk Face Imprints

My medium of choice for my Kinetic Art project has been milk. I love working with unconventional materials and techniques and when I found out about milk painting (and baking) it was right up my street. 172 more words


CNC'd Pinewood Derby Car, Part 1: The Jig is Up

This is the first post in (hopefully) a series on crafting a pinewood derby car out of a stock boy scouts kit via CNC. My son loves pinewood derby, and in a quest to test out improvements, wanted to make an aerodynamic car similar in profile to an airplane wing. 514 more words


Laser Cut Drawer Dividers

Drawers with multiple different things often become a mess and then quickly a lost cause. I like to make these laser-cut drawer dividers because they are useful, easy to make (I made these in less than an hour), and are a great way to use up scrap plywood from other projects. 234 more words


Final Bottle Cap Badges Practice

My last practice set-up for my bottle cap badges arrangement. This is actual size and quite full. There are even a few left over I can’t wait to set this up in the gallery!


This piece is another of the Laminae Ex-Voto’s in the ‘Miracles and Wishes’ series. This piece is a reaction to the several recent and not so recent deaths in my family due to addiction. 84 more words

I am not your eggplant

I finally got my “I am not your eggplant” piece finished. This will go into the ‘Miracles and Wishes’ part of my MFA show as one of the laminae ex-votos. 80 more words

The Work is Done!

I have finished assembling, painting, and gluing all of my pieces for my MFA gallery exhibition and the time to install is rapidly approaching. I have been hanging up the individual shine/ reliquary pieces in the studio as I finished them. 65 more words