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A very dear friend started a Property Safeguarding company in Antwerp in 2014, called INHABIT.

Inhabit¬†aims to connect empty vacant properties to a good “guardian” . 113 more words


Hope this Helps! : Invitations Pt. 2

The Industry:

I’m sure that by now, any time you see or hear the word “industry” you start to imagine shady characters in dimly lit conference rooms devising malicious ways to drain your bank account. 307 more words

Same-sex Marriage

How it Works!

Laser Cutting Services!
Laser cutting is a fast and cost effective way of making your beautiful ideas physical reality – art projects, display & signage, custom engraving, jewelry & textile cutting, architectural models, props are among lasercut-able. 75 more words


#MaggieManifesto Triptychs

I’ve been debating a couple of different ways to display my manifesto drawings. I think that I have finally settled on a suitable form for them to take on the wall and have excitedly started making the elements. 203 more words

Laser Cut Drawings

Norfolk Island Pine drawings I did with marker on paper inspired me to expand on the theme. I scanned the drawings and laser cut them onto wood. 14 more words

Personal Work

Take a Badge Leave a Wish

With the assistance of the laser cutter I am able to produce many iterations of the same design fairly quickly after the beginning stages of ideation and rendering. 451 more words