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Anti-Aging Methods—Hits or Misses?

Every day, there is a new anti-aging treatment or product on the market (facial massager, stem cell injection anyone?). How do we know which is the best for us? 1,237 more words


What Goes Into Orbit Could Be Zapped With Lasers Before It Comes Down, Say Chinese Scientists

China wants to blast space debris with giant lasers.

A paper published by researchers at the Air Force Engineering University in China describes how zapping space junk with lasers could break it apart into smaller, less-harmful pieces. 443 more words


Smokin’ in the OR

Society Aims to Protect Personnel, Patients From Harmful Fumes

The days of lighting up a cigarette in airplanes and restaurants may be of a bygone era, but when it comes to the operating room, the exposure to hazardous smoke continues to flourish. 1,232 more words


Agrilaser - Automatic Laser Bird Deterrent by Bird Control Group

Agrilaser – Automatic Laser Bird Deterrent is automated laser gun mounted on a pedestal and aimed at tree bushes. The device shoots a steady green laser beam that sweeps across the bushes from side to side. 289 more words

Mechatronics Engineering

The One Who Wanted To Play

Dream wave lasers of warped mappings
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Slowly phase into faulty projections of
Cinematic occupancies, subdued.

Motion detecting devices, abject, pick up… 40 more words