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Antioxidants: Helping Our Bodies

As I continue expanding on the skincare revolution, today, I decided to focus on antioxidants. A lot is known about them and their role in many functions of our bodies. 272 more words

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Dr Chua Cheng Yu - Too Much Of Q-Switched Lasers Can Kill Your Skin

“Hey doc, I heard this popular Q-switched Nanosecond laser promises to resolve pigmentation/anti-aging/pores/pimples/wrinkles all at once.” It’s shocking to hear that from my patient as the “famed” Q-switched 1064nm laser DOES NOT achieve the above at all. 24 more words

Police probe lasers pointed at planes at Peterborough Airport

Peterborough police are investigating recent incidents of laser lights being directed towards aircraft in the area.

The incidents have occurred while planes were taking off and landing at the Peterborough Airport, police said on Tuesday. 207 more words


Hyaluronic Acid: A Balancing Act

Balance in our lives is key to a successful journey; and that applies not only to how we live, but also to what we apply to our skin. 221 more words

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Editing brain activity with holography

Originally posted May 2018

“What if we could insert non-existent scents into memory?” Can we remove them, too?  I nominate the removal of microwave fish and patchouli.  8 more words


Can laser light actually pass through the skull?

Laser and LED light therapy–or photobiomodulation (PBM)–is a revolutionary new technique for treating a host of neurological and pain associated disorders, including TBI and stroke… 137 more words


Cadavar brains reveal NIR laser penetrates skull, scalp

While the causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI)–a bomb blast, traffic accident, or violent assault–are as diverse as the millions of individuals afflicted by the ensuing symptoms–memory loss, confusion, and personality changes–one aspect remains certain, no treatment reverses damage deep within the brain. 832 more words