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Just an average Tuesday... dressed as a superhero

Today I appear to be dressed as a work appropriate superhero…

Apparently clinched in waists are the new thing – so I bought this beautiful belt in Mallorca and decided it looked cute with this dress. 430 more words

What the What?!?!

I’m not usually one to comment on things going on in the world, but when i saw this as I was working out in the gym this morning…well…this is just…ugh…is this really the direction we are going now? 237 more words

Saturday Morning Coffee Haiku

“I make fireworks…

Let me tie that lasso to…”

Shut up, Clark!”  “Yes ma’am…” 9 more words

Frank Davis

A Brief Foray Into Superherodom

If I was Invisible Woman
Whenever I got the chance
I’d go up to random strangers
And I’d pull down their pants

If I had Mystique’s powers… 79 more words

Why Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth is the best Power

I know it’s been a little while since my last post, and there’s a very simple explanation for that. Every time I flip a coin to decide whether to blog write or book write—I cheat: 715 more words