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serendipity + sync-h-r-o-nicity



serendipitous capture of the lady birds who have been visiting me to show that i am not.. well that i am crazy. today i got a witness. 989 more words


things my creditors would say

you look like a bag of money

you look like you got a bag of money

you look like you got money

you know i know this is some bullshit but i need you to pay this money… 110 more words


crazy: 6 ways to define it

which one are you?

flashback: this was a thought I put together whilst dealing with some bullshit that I refused to be cliched/manipulated out of. 183 more words


truth serum

romanz tea + cloves + gin + wine + coffee porter + art + people + community + spirit = that.



I am about that life. 436 more words

Work In Progress

How Wonder Woman Beats NYC Traffic

We’ve all been there–riding on the bus on our daily commute, everything’s going smoothly until…the dreaded traffic jam. Every morning I ride the M57 bus which takes me from Fifty Seventh and First Avenue to Fifty Seventh and Tenth. 651 more words

i don't want to be

loved by a doormat

I want to be loved by the door

an open door

built sturdy, petrified wood

of solid gold

i don’t want to be loved by weakness… 121 more words

Lasso Of Truth

from: the ratchet to: the regal

black lives matter.

all of them.

all parts


the whole face.

remove the mask

remove the tags

enjoy what has been created.

your crown. 12 more words

Lasso Of Truth