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Vin Diesel Strikes a Schwarzenegger Pose on the Poster for Universal Studio's New Fast & Furious Attraction

Earlier this week, Universal announced that Universal Studios will premiere a Fast & Furious-themed ride in 2017, just in time to coincide with the release of the next sequel… 280 more words

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Finally, There’s a Trailer for Final Girls, the Last Action Hero/Pleasantville of the Slasher Genre

When it comes to the slasher genre these days, I prefer self-aware and funny (Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Cabin in the Woods) over gritty and gory (the… 1,287 more words

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Top Ten Tuesdays - Arnold Schwarzenegger

In this new series of posts I’m going to list ten of my favourite films by some of my most loved directors and actors. While I may not have seen everything that they have done, I’ll catch up to them eventually. 2,320 more words


'Put That Cookie Down! Now!': Remembering Arnold Schwarzenegger's Funniest Moments

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very funny man. Sure, during his 46-year film career, the majority of the 68-year-old Austrian-American actor’s most iconic roles have involved various wide shots of his characters flexing their muscles — most often with the soon-to-be crushed heads of the bad guys trapped between each bicep. 980 more words


Starlog #218 September 1995

A cartoon sparked by the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, “Last Action Hero” (1993)

This one was actually submitted in August 1994 so it sat in the editor’s files for a year.


"To be or not to be" Soliloquy Supercut

Like thousands of English teachers around the world, I teach Hamlet. And every year when we read Act III, I pull out the DVD’s, because the depiction of multiple scenes are crucial to understanding the character and themes of… 315 more words


Movies that Ended a Genre

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I have talked about this before but one of the many, many reasons I enjoy  717 more words