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Morrissey: Margaret On the Guillotine

“Make the dream real.”

Margaret on the Guillotine is the thirteenth and final track from Viva Hate. It hadn’t occurred to me until I looked it up that “Margaret” might refer to anyone of note.

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Morrissey: Dial-A-Cliché

“Grow up, be a man, and close your mealy-mouth.”

Dial-A-Cliché is the twelfth and penultimate track on Morrissey’s 1988 solo debut, Viva Hate. Though it was never a smash hit single, I was quickly drawn to its snarky title: the perfect retort to repetitive boilerplate lecture nonsense that young people can’t seem to avoid.

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Morrissey: Hairdresser on Fire

“You are repressed, but you’re remarkably dressed … and you’re always busy.”

Hairdresser on Fire is the next installment of Morrissey’s noun-preposition-noun song title series. If I didn’t have other things to do today, I’d go through all of my Smiths and Morrissey recordings and list all of the songs that follow this format.

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Morrissey: Suedehead

“You can’t go home again.”

The seventh track on Viva Hate, Suedehead, was also Morrissey’s debut solo single after leaving The Smiths. It took some doing, but after about a week of repeated listenings to the full album, this is the first song from…

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Morrissey: Bengali in Platforms

“Life is hard enough when you belong here.”

Bengali in Platforms is the fourth track from Viva Hate, directly following Every Day Is Like Sunday…

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Morrissey: Everyday is Like Sunday

“How I dearly wish I was not here.”

Everyday is Like Sunday is my pick for the highlight of Viva Hate. There’s nothing specific to say about why I like it, other than that it’s the third track on the album, the second released single from the album, and the first song that gave me that feeling of liking a song more than I like other songs.

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Morrissey: Alsatian Cousin

“P.S.: bring me home and have me”

Disc No. 9 in the #LastDayAtAKA series is Viva Hate, the solo debut from The Smiths’ former frontman, Steven Patrick Morrissey, better known as simply Morrissey.

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