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Scored Last Minute Ticket for Harry Potter WB Studio Tour London

It’s Friday and I just got paid that included my overtime wages.  I’ve been waiting until payday so I can buy my coach bus ticket and WB Studio Tour of The Making of Harry Potter.   594 more words

Tales of the last-minute model

The nights before I get on the runway are what my nightmares are made off. The anxiety is unsettling, the tension is so thick I could knead it to dough, the confusion…let’s not even get that started, the pressure reigns supreme, the uncertainty is the worst part of it all, especially the part that you don’t know whether you are going to lose or win. 534 more words


A day in England?

A couple of weeks ago I went to Londen for 2 weeks. I wasn’t planning to go, but my family visited me and they asked if I would like to come over so I thought why not? 368 more words


Some of us pick up the habit in college: we have two or three months to write a term paper and figure, “Oh, I’ll have plenty of time for that.” Then we get to a point a week or two before the due date before we realize, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got a 20-page paper to write!” We then spend the next 7-10 days racing around the library, freaking out.

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I know that RF promised a week of posts, but I’m feeling a little too guilty to let him take them all. Don’t worry…he’ll be back. 316 more words

Wanderlust Wednesday

But, we've just got here?

I mentioned in last Sunday’s post that Naomi and I would be in Berlin this weekend. I wasn’t lying.

What I didn’t imagine, was just how busy my working week would be, meaning that I would have zero time to do proper research or write any posts in the build up. 149 more words