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To the Philippines!... apparently

So in a bit of a panic move I’m now sat in Kuala Lumpur’s airport waiting for a flight to Manila, when just a day before I was mentally preparing for a 26 hour bus from Hanoi to Laos. 185 more words


Bryce Canyon and the Search for Civilization

The road to Bryce Canyon was the same road we drove on the night before to get to Escalante. As expected, the roads were carved into the sides of mountains with snake-like turns. 948 more words


Another busy day.  Today, I have to write a case study for law class, and I have a rehearsal this afternoon.  I hope everything goes well! 26 more words

Office poached eggs

Happiness is egg-shaped.

‘Go to work on an egg’ is one of the greatest slogans of all time. The campaign was masterminded by Fay Weldon (better known as a novelist) for the British Egg Marketing Board to revive the national egg industry after the Second World War. 341 more words

Packed Lunch

Royally Boned

I think I am screwed.  I have a paper and powerpoint presentation due in two hours, and I barely started both.  I had an odd and unproductive–for school projects–Mardi Gras break.   13 more words

Last Minute

10min Emergency Tortilla Chips

These chips are for emergencies only.

Just kidding. They’re for the times when it’s snowing and you don’t want to go to the store to get chips for that queso you just made. 211 more words


Elimination Diet Day 8

Very late start on Sunday so breakfast was eaten at 1pm.


Puffed rice with almond milk,  bananas,  raisins


1 cup uncooked brown basmati rice… 125 more words