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Took a Break Yesterday...

Fresh start, kind of. Wanted to start out with I stressed myself the hell out last night trying to cook for 5 grown men at work. 356 more words

The end of an era

I am finding myself writing less and less these days for so many different reasons I won’t even start to bore you with them. That being said it’s 1am I am just in from the pub (far from sober) and all I can think to do is this. 481 more words



I wake up sunny rays melting my yawn
Your side of the bed is empty, unruffled with your pillow intact
A sudden panic grips my chest, i have no memory of last night… 340 more words

His Real Reality

He was from a dark race, black as midnight but he never minded that fact, as he never fully understood what that had meant for him. 263 more words

Emotional Battle

Trump Versus Hilary Elections Predictions

I have never been to America in the physical sense, but mentally I’ve walked Wall Street Avenue, made a 360 degree close up camera rotation in time square and even waited on a train by the subway, while eating a subway sandwich of course. 598 more words

Emotional Battle

Predicting the Future

Paranoid 101

Within my freshman year at a local university in Jamaica, my housemate Shanique Fagon and I reasoned immensely on all topics known to man, many nights we would spend out in the kitchen hall, reasoning about everything and as always it was very fulfilling. 674 more words

Emotional Battle