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The last night...

So here it is, the last night.

I have had a strange indigestion/heartburn feeling for the last 12 hours. Which is slightly odd since I used to say that I had no idea what heart burn was and got really confused by the Gaviscon adverts, now I think I know. 181 more words


Might I add how crazy last night was. Day 8

Now the reflection of this blog will be short because of how fast things went last night but it is more about the experience and the story to tell during the night. 940 more words


Final day and farewell

So on my last  day in Hong Kong the sun finally arrived so I made a trip to the island of Cheung Chau where there are plenty of fish restaurants and a few beaches. 376 more words

Day Two Hundred Thirty Seven Late Morning #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle writes:

Slept where I dropped last night. Awoke to the merry music of a mountain stream just yards away.

Drank and pressed on with renewed vigor.

Diary Of The End Of The World

One Last Night

Today is their last day, so last night they wanted one more paddle. It’s been that sort of week: one more dinner out; one more chance to stay up late; one more big treat: 6 Flags! 41 more words



Despite the pounding of your chest, and the cracking of your nerves, knowing that tonight, with the rain starting to pour, is possibly your last night together in each other’s arms, how will you spend it?



Last Barbeque in town

We come back around lunch time from our excursion to the island and hang out on the boat. I take a shower, had one yesterday but a) it’s good to take advantage of the availability and b) do I smell like a bun fire on legs… That probably is not going to change, as my cloth will have this aroma for ever… 158 more words