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Like an aftershock from an earthquake you flash across my mine.

Hands circling my thighs,

Lifting me up to meet your eyes.

Back against the wall. 71 more words

dress drop off

I had purchased a wedding dress and I needed to drop it off at either my old middle school or old high school. This was a requirement for people who attended school there so it could be displayed. 104 more words


I found out that my father didn’t really die and he and I were reunited. We were making plans and Snoop Dogg was there. Snoop went to leave and my dad was trying to be nice. 112 more words


We found each other last night…


Strange to feel your eyes

On me across that table.

So different, so intense eyes,

Lighter, more direct… 57 more words



I don’t remember the dream other than the fact that I owned a goat. A billy goat. Named Billy the Kid. Best name for a goat ever. Thank you subconscious for that.

NEW ALBUM: Lydia René - Vintage Heart

If you love your neo soul, you will love this. Lydia René has released her debut studio album ‘Vintage Heart’. I have had a listen to the whole thing and it is so good. 100 more words

This Is Neha

Zen Night Out

Dear friends,

Yesterday evening we left our studio to celebrate the grand opening of Cărtureşti Carusel, the most beautiful bookstore in Bucharest.

We met some of our friends and customers and had a lovely time discovering the vast array of books, CDs, designer objects and stationery goodies. 126 more words

Zen Bracelets