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I Want Someone Like You

After last night, I’ve come to the revelation that I’m a little ashamed in myself. More than a little, really. A lot. I’m ashamed in how much of a dumb I’ve been lately. 435 more words

Movie producer Elvis Chucks robbed in Lagos last night

Movie Producer Elvis Chucks was robbed at Ilupeju, Lagos last night November 19th.

According to him, he was heading home at about 9pm yesterday after he finished production for the day at a movie location when he and two others in his Hummer SUV were attacked by 8 armed men, who double crossed his SUV at the Ilupeju town planning bridge heading to Third mainland bridge where he had stopped to drop off someone. 111 more words

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Oh Dear The Fear


You’ve got the fear. You open your eyes, blinded by the lights,fake eyelashes stuck to your lip (note to self remove make-up) a pint of water by your side, your clothes scattered over the bedroom floor. 416 more words

The diaries of an over eater

In case you didn’t know it, food is an addiction. It is that thing some people use to numb the pain. Ka sekgowa bare ke eating disorder. 378 more words


ok i know just posted like ten minutes ago, but...

here’s what was really on my mind last night.  and i don’t really care who reads,  and to those who i was with last night, this is whassup. 252 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge: Last Night

Through the month of November I will be partaking in the 30 Day Writing challenge. The pieces will be reflective on the various topics and be written in the form of prose, word vomit, poems, etc. 43 more words