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Monitoring spirit

By Emmanuel Ibeauchi

Kunle stepped out his car, exhausted.

From the moment he opened his eyes in the morning, it had been stress all the way. 1,083 more words

Short Stories

Beach Bonfire - Last Night in PEI

The time has come. It is our last night in PEI. Six weeks after we arrived, three weeks longer than we anticipated staying, the time is now set for us to leave. 973 more words

Last Night by James Salter: "Arlington"

I am aware that my pieces about the stories in this collection have been growing increasingly ill-tempered. At first, Salter’s elliptical methods and saw-tooth stylings enchanted me but the novelty has worn off and left me frustrated by his decision to keep re-visiting the same themes and characters over and over and over again. 1,755 more words


Pre-Departure Video

First vlog. Becoming a YouTube star is not on my agenda. I am leaving in the morning for Stony Point, New York where I will go through YAV orientation. 26 more words

The smokes don’t rise no more.
The heart don’t beat anymore.
And the love don’t sing no more.
I saw my friend have it all. 53 more words


Final Flagstaff Night

As usual, I’m the party wallflower with quite a few of other people. Introversion can make things interesting, but these types of nights let me look at everything and see what’s really up.


Last glance

August 11, 2015

It feels strange and overwhelming to have all these thoughts of him inside her head when he’s just right there beside her. 402 more words