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An out of stock merchant who specializes in observation. Third-party spectating is not a last resort. It implies that we’ve tried all else and we’ve run out of options. 269 more words


My Special PlaceĀ 

Hey there,

I am going to start this by asking what is your special place? I was on a conference not too long ago and someone told me that we should all have a special place in which we can sit to clear our minds and just be alone. 767 more words

“Threats are the last resort of a man with no vocabulary.”

-Tamora Pierce

Quote Of The Week

Give Peace a Chance

Dear Bernie Sanders,

Today is International Day of Peace. I am certain you are aware of this, but I wonder if any of the Republican candidates for president are aware, and if they are, whether they even care. 814 more words


On being a last resort

This weekend was not great. I fell into a worse mood and cried for two days. It is hell personified to feel this way and to feel it so so deeply at times. 222 more words