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Lord, Help Me Remember

Memento Mori! There is such a finality to death… I think that’s what scares me the most about it. There is no reset, there is no, “Wait! 761 more words

Talent Is Just Another Name for the Love of a Thing

The cathedral is really moving along for the time that I’ve got at the shop right now. It truly will be done soon. I’ve started working at the Tattoo Theatre and Art Gallery again that I used to work at- Paul Booth’s Last Rites(for those of you who like tattoos and dark surrealism). 299 more words

Cindy Hulej

Jailhouse Hooch ~ a recipe

Nancy W. came to my mind today. I knew her many years ago, when I was a single working girl living in Miami. (Trust me, a looong time ago.) She was a loyal member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). 816 more words

Fun Stuff

Detective 852 - Hush impersonates Bruce Wayne

Hush stars in Detective 852 (March 2009), as the villains take over the various books this month, as part of Faces of Evil.  The story, by Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, is also part of Last Rites, stories set in the immediate aftermath of Batman’s apparent death. 184 more words

Detective 851 - Dick Grayson refuses

Denny O’Neil and Guillem March begin a two-part story in Detective 851 (Feb. 09).  It’s part of Last Rites, a storyline detailing the immediate aftermath of Batman’s apparent death. 97 more words

Lives of Extreme Unction

It should not be left for last rites
but rather given by each of us
to each other every day.

Like olive oil on the brow, 27 more words


emancipation – a son’s reflection on his mother’s death

There are some things, discerned through my experience as a pastor, for years having paid attention to what people have told me about themselves, and… 721 more words